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The Wedding

My sister's now married. My kid sister is married. She's too young, isn't she? I'm barely at the point in my life where I could see getting married, and she's over three years younger. How is she old enough? When you find "The One" I guess you're just ready, right? Well, congrats. But in my defense, my companion/friend/date also pointed out that Brad looks younger than her brother. Her brother is 20 and looks like he's 12, so that's saying something. Brad is 23, I think… My sister will be 22 in July. They're off to the Riviera soon (tomorrow).

QotD: Sliced Bread

Question: What's the best invention since sliced bread?

My Answer: I was tempted to say the Wonder Bra™ as a joke, and I guess I just did, but I doubt most people would actually take it as a joke. In short, I don't know that I've got a real answer. The telephone, perhaps, may have provided the most value. It's universal, and it's now wireless and very small. So I'll go with "the telephone is the best invention since sliced bread."

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I returned to PA with little excitement - exactly what you want when travelling by airplane. After all, excitement would typically involve a problem, right? I arrived, I waited forever to get my luggage (I was one of the last to get mine), and I got my Mercury Grand Marquis from Budget. I drove around - my sister's directions were insanely wrong - and eventually arrived at the budget hall.

QotD: Last Meal

Question: If you were on death row, what would you eat for your last meal?

My Answer: A big juicy steak. Ice cream. Coke. A big baked potato with butter out the wazoo (and some bacon too). Oh wait, that's what I get nearly every time I visit Outback…

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"I'm leeeeaaaaving… on a jet plane…" I'm flying to Pittsburgh tomorrow for my sister's wedding (Saturday). A friend is flying up Saturday morning to join me. Then Sunday I'm off to California for two weeks.

I'll still be writing. Whether or not I'll get the chance to post things when I write them remains to be seen. In the next few days I won't, but out in California I'm sure I'll be able to find an Internet connection somewhere. :-)

Mike, Vinay, Josh, Jason - you know my cell #. We'll hang out. What is there to do in San Jose? I'm looking forward to going to the tech museum and the aquarium. Those are what I've been told to see the weekend I'm there. Any other suggestions?

QotD: Checks

Question: What's on your checks?

My Answer: I've got "nature" scenes - mountains, plains, forests, deserts - and the line "Whoever dies with the most money wins." Of course, I don't believe that - that's the point. Ahhh, sarcasm.

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A Stone’s Throw

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw an Andrew Stone:

In all likelihood, this is the last of Andrew Stone's weblog entries I will ever read. I'm tired of listening to him insult and belittle long-time Mac developers who have done and are doing much more for the platform than Andrew Stone has ever done. Seriously, Andrew, show a little respect.

I love Cocoa. I love it. I avoid Carbon as much as possible… for my own development. I'm a Cocoa developer, goshdarnit, and I'm glad to have such a wonderful framework with which to work. But y'know what? I'm not sure what I'd do without BBEdit, Finder, Entourage, Photoshop, etc. - all Carbon apps.

Why can't we just be grateful to have two wonderful frameworks/APIs - frameworks/APIs that can share and borrow from each other? Why must we, errr, Andrew Stone continue to put down Carbon? Eric Blair may have given up reading Andrew Stone's blog, but I can safely say I've only read it once, awhile back, and probably won't again.

iWipe 1.0.1

iwipe_icon.jpgiWipe 1.0.1 is out. Grab a copy if you're so inclined… The changes & fixes? I'm glad you asked:

  • Fixed bug with disks of same size
  • Fixed bug when deleting files not on boot partition
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling in files table
  • Improved the look of icons in files table
  • Improved scrolling speed of files table
  • Added feedback menu item
  • Miscellaneous interface tweaks

I used FTPeel to upload about twelve files in about five different directories via the MagicMirror feature. Smooooth. It's one of the many improvements you'll see in FTPeel Public Beta 2 (in about two or three weeks).

Geek Test

Who has the time to take The Geek Test? Apparently some people do. Me? I'm going to save myself some time and estimate that I am 42% geek. There, isn't that just as effective?

I lose big points on the sci fi section (don't care about Star Trek or Tolkien or Magic the Gathering). Those are traits I'd put on dorks, not geeks. Geek is chic, dork is not. Nerd is a different variety altogether, as is dweeb.

OneWord: Spun

Spin City used to be a show on TV, but "spun" is kind of a weird word. It's past tense, after all. I spun a story. I waxed philosophical. I guess you should say you spun a yarn, but, well, whatever. I never "spun" the bottle - girls still had cooties back then right? I remember one move Wilt Chamberlain described where he spun the woman sitting on top of him, but that's odd to think about. 20,000+ women, did he say? I'd be awfully tired. How'd he ever have the energy to play basketball?

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

QotD: Afterlife

Question: If you found out there was no afterlife in any sense of the word, how would you change your life?

My Answer: I'm not sure that I would. I've lived my life by religious rules, but I'd consider them simply moral rules: don't kill people, don't be a jackass, love your family (but not your neighbor's wife), etc. I don't think the lack of an afterlife - or the presence of one - would change my life one way or the other.

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Cocoa in a Nutshell

I've had the chance to read Cocoa in a Nutshell since Saturday (I'm about 1/4 of the way through). So far, I'd say that I can highly recommend this book. James Duncan Davidson does the first chapter and Mike Beam tackles the rest, with editing by esteemed colleagues Malcolm Crawford, Scott Anguish, etc. This book will make good reading - along with Jamie's book - on my upcoming flight(s).

The Pain of Undo

I've got a test application. It's got two text fields and two checkboxes. One would have sufficed, but I wanted to add another method of "entering" text - by tabbing to the other text field. I've got undo working for the checkboxes and text fields. I've got AppleScript working for both. I've got a full MVC model working throughout. What I haven't got working is undo involving a text field and a checkbox. It's ridiculous!

Here's the scenario. The user types some text in a text field, they click a checkbox, and they continue to type in the text field, eventually tabbing out of it or pressing return to "commit" that text. If they've done only these two things, the first undo should undo the text (the last thing done), and the next undo should undo the checkbox.

QotD: Room Temperature

Question: What is room temperature?

My Answer: Where I grew up (in Pennsylvania) room temperature was 68 degrees. In Florida, I keep my A/C at 68 and everyone freezes. Apparently "room temperature" is about 76 down here. Who knew?

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I’m Back – Clean-Up to Follow

I'm back. Sorry for being gone. I've got some cleaning up to do and some other things - bear with me. Categories and posts will be changing and flinging around. Sorry. It's all for the good. :-)

Oh, and hey - my sister's getting married this Saturday! Eeeeks! I'm looking forward to the wedding. Open bar! Heh heh heh.

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