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QotD: Heinna

Question: Jenna or Heidi?

My Answer: Gotta go with the girl from Pittsburgh, hands down. Mmmmm, brunettes.

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Guess Who is in Playboy?

playboy_survivor.jpgNot one, but both Heidi and Jenna (together) are in Playboy next month. Yes, both. If only Playboy could have found a redhead to complete the trio…

For what it's worth (jack squat, I know), Jenna is soooooo much more attractive. She's got natural breasts and brown hair. She's stuck up (or maybe she's overcome that by now, who knows?), and while Heidi's IQ may be high, her common sense and the way in which she, uhhh, "displays" her intelligence leave a lot to be desired.

I'm not sure if Jenna is the hottest Survivor ever, but she's certainly the hottest Survivor winner. How nekkid will they actually get? I guess that remains to be seen. From

The glut of reality shows has made even the most ardent tube watchers glassy-eyed. But the latest offering from Survivor is burned into our memory thanks to a pair of gorgeous young contestants -- Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel -- who made isolation and deprivation seem sexy.

For what it's worth, the words "Jenna," "Heidi", and "Playboy" have come up three times before on NSLog();: Survivor 6.7, Survivor 6.10, and QotD: Jenna in Playboy.

QotD: Sports Heroes

Question: If you could have dinner with three sports stars of your choosing, who would they be?

My Answer: I would choose Roberto Clemente, Ty Cobb, and Arnold Palmer, mainly because, while I admire each of them, I never got to see them play. They're the first three that came to mind - each played their game in a way it'd never been played before, and all were gritty competitors.

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DVC PD-150

Using a $3500 DV camera to video conference feels very weird. I'll be picking up an iSight as soon as possible, and I'm hopeful that my mom does as well. It has a Mic, I guess, but I'm curious if I can use that (on my tower) for general-purpose "microphoning."

What to do with my tower… It's still worth about $1000-$1500 or so. Any ideas? It is a dual eight with 1.5 GB, 2x120 GB, SD, Zip, etc.

64 Bits vs. 32 Bits

Many people seem to think that an entire OS needs to be rewritten when the processors on which it runs switch from 32 to 64 bit. From what (very little) I know about OS and software development, that's simply not true. The primary reason to move an OS to a 64-bit processor is to allow for addressable RAM. The secondary reason may be to speed up "core" functions like "copy this data" (like 2 MB of RAM, perhaps). A 64-bit chip will be able to do that twice as fast as a 32-bit chip, all other things being equal.

Usually, switching from 32 bits to 64 bits means new opcodes (CPU commands), so switching from a 32 bit PowerPC to a 64 bit PowerPC would be the same as switching from 32 bit PowerPC to 64 bit AMD. What's unique about the PowerPC 970 is that it provides 32-bit compatibility, easing the burden on those OS developers while providing ample avenue for gradual growth.

Keep in mind one thing: 95% (I'm making that number up - but it's quite high) of the calculations occurring on your computer's CPU(s) are quite simple. They're typically just integer math, and 32 bits is often too much space for that. You can address more memory - and that's good - but does adding 193 and 6943 take more than a few bits? Nah.

QotD: Kid’s Games

Question: What's your favorite playground game?

My Answer: I used to be pretty damn good (and enjoy tremendously) the game "foursquare."

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Element vs. Aztek

orange_element.jpgI'm considering getting a Honda Element to replace my 2001 Aztek. The main factor: I could probably get my car payments down to 2/3 the current cost. Honda seems to have a good reputation for building solid, dependable cars, so that's a good thing too (I've had no troubles with Pontiacs in the past, nor has my family).

You see, I got my Aztek shortly after graduating from college, moving 1250 miles from where I grew up, and after doing a few years of work that wasn't taxed (W-2 work, not W-4). I got it just before 9/11, so I got absolutely raped on the interest rate.

I love my Aztek, but at what I'm paying per month, I should have two cars! So if the ride is smooth, if the space inside is nice, and if the numbers work out, I may have a new car as soon as Monday. I guess we'll just have to wait and see…

QotD: Cars

Question: What's the best car ever?

My Answer: I'm not much of a car guy, so I'll stick with the egotistical answer: whichever one I own at that given moment. Of course it's the best - I bought it! :-) But really, hmmmm… '67 Mustang? Perhaps.

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QotD: Blood

Question: If you had to describe your worst experience with blood, what would it be?

My Answer: I once split my head open (at my sister's third birthday party) on the cement corner of my grandparents' garage. I tripped on my (too-long) Donkey Kong shoelaces and BAM!!! The blood began pouring. It was only a flesh wound… I think.

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QotD: Reincarnation

Question: If you were to be reincarnated as someone you know, who would it be?

My Answer: I have no idea. If I could take the knowledge I know now with me, I'd be reincarnated as one of my many very attractive female friends. Knowing how easy it is to manipulate men would serve me well. :-)

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Advanced Cocoa

Aaron's written a new book, Core Mac OS X And Unix Programming (subtitled "Master Darwin and the Core Technologies"). I snagged a copy and am going to have a look at it in the next few days and weeks. This weekend especially.

Besides, maybe I can snag a few ideas…

UT 2003 – Kinda

Unreal Tournament 2003 is out now, and I picked up my copy today. There's already a bug fix… for the installer! Some QA they have going on there, eh? What's worse is that it took me fifteen tries or so to get the installer to run at all, because my installer was crashing just after the EULA (the first screen to appear) popped up! The CD Key is the next screen.

At this rate, the install is going to take a year and a half. By that time the PC version of Unreal Tournament 2005 will be out.

QotD: Hard Positions

Question: If you had to name the hardest position to play in sports, what would you say it is?

My Answer: I think the people moving the brooms on a curling team have it pretty rough! Okay, I was joking. I've played several sports, and the toughest sport is golf, by far, but that's not a "position" sport. So I'm going to go with "pitcher." Hitters are incredible, the strike zone is constantly shrinking, and the bats are being corked (sorry, Sammy). Being a pitcher is nearly as close to being a participant in an individual sport as you can find in team sports.

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FTPeel PB 2 Out

ftpeelicon.gifAs promised, FTPeel Public Beta 2 is now available. A big change list is available. Features to come before release (in a month or so) include:

  • "Edit in BBEdit" functionality.
  • More AppleScripting.
  • Instant toggling between column/list views.
  • A lot more…

SFTP will be pushed back until a 1.1 release, most likely. Sorry. :-(


I don't think it sucks, but I would only pay $1,000 for a Segway. I have absolutely no use or need for one. I walk to a few places - and would continue to walk to them if I had a Segway. It'd be nothing more than an expensive toy. I can't use it at work, I can't use it at home. I'd ride around the parking lot a little on sunny days and that's it.

In fact, I think the Segway appeals to very few people. Very few people have the space - or the $5,000 - for a Segway in their life. We drive long distances, and lazy people drive short distances. The Segway won't change that. There are no Segway parking spaces (nobody would leave it outside, and carrying it inside is a task in and of itself). It doesn't have much storage - my scooter is better equipped for trips to the grocery store.

I think it's nifty - and again I'd pay up to $1,000 for the toy - but that's all it is to me at this point. Nick - got a counterpoint?

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