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It turns out it may be, but most likely isn't. RunBlogger has more on this. With more here.

I still have no idea why anyone would want to run more than about ten miles or so, but this article about the 100-mile punishing Leadville Ultramarathon (and it's not punishing because it's 100 miles - that's the least of it!) is worth a read.

Nice Place to Play

I'm a sucker for DSLR videos with the great depth of field changes, and never mind that people are playing disc golf in this video - these old Finnish forests look like great, awesome places to just BE, to walk around, to breathe the air.

rubiTrack 3 Looking Good

Here's the post and here are two pictures:

300 Miles

Today I have surpassed 300 miles run. Go me. Kind of an odd day for this to happen. 😛

Boston Marathon in 8 Minutes

The Boston Marathon takes place on Monday (which is why your taxes aren't due until the 17th, I believe - the 16th is Patriot Day). I have no plans to ever run the Boston Marathon or any other marathon for that matter. I haven't even run 26 miles the past two weeks. Super busy.

200+ Miles Running

I've now run over 200 miles, and the picture to the right says "202" right now (201.89 miles). Here's a weekly look at my mileage. The "1" on week 1 is due to the fact that DailyMile weeks start on Mondays and January 1 was a Sunday. 🙂 The gap came when I took ten […]

Five Miles

I ran five miles today. Farthest I've run, and frankly, it was nowhere near as terrible as I thought it might be. The key is simply to have the right kind of distraction. 🙂 If I run 1 and 3 miles Friday and Saturday, I should hit 200 miles total on Sunday since joining DailyMile […]

Not a Better Winter

With highs reaching the 70s in the next week and winter pretty much behind us, I must say: I couldn't have picked a better winter to start running. Seriously. I think we're going to cancel our YMCA membership soon. Maybe we'll resume it next fall because I hate the treadmill that much, and at least […]

Five Training Rules

The Five Training Rules as posted by Caleb Masland at DailyMile are: Missed Workouts are gone. NO MAKE-UPS. If you are debating whether or not you need a rest day, then you need a rest day ((Substitute "ice cream" for "rest day" if you please.)). Train at your current level, not your ideal level ((I […]

Running Training Plan

First, an image: Now, obviously, during November and December I was still doing the Run5K (nee C25K) program. And in January I started my streak of running one mile, minimum, every day (#dailymileminimum). So that helps. But anyway… I've graduated from C25K/Run5K, and I'm working on building a training program rather than aimlessly running around. […]

Got a RoadID Also

I guess the RoadID folks had heard enough about me talking about my 1BandID. They sent me a nice coupon for a RoadID Elite and so I ordered one. It arrived while I was in Florida, and it looks like this: At this point I still prefer the 1BandID. I'm more likely to take it […]

Sh*t Ultrarunners Say

Following up on yesterday's post… It's not as funny.

Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say

This is funny. Not incredibly funny, but worth a chuckle. I don't see running without shoes, personally, but I do appreciate running in the VFFs I picked up recently in order to train some better form and will continue, I believe, running in somewhat minimalist shoes for quite ahwile.

Continued Running Form Work

I'll keep this as short as I can. I've posted before on running form. During Couch to 5K training I actually tried to run almost exclusively on my forefoot, which resulted in straining my calves enough that I shut it down for 10 days and repeated the fifth week when I returned. In retrospect I […]