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Archive for June, 2003

Life, Part 25

Today was a good day. A new phase of my life begins. I can't say much more than that - nor would I want to - but it's good. Things worked out well. Well, except for the fact that I'll be driving a Cavalier for the next two weeks. I ate at Outback with Lisa, […]

May 2003 Zeitgeist

Every month (since February) I post my site's referral search terms (not what people search for on my site). It's an interesting peek that illustrates "how people are finding me." Here's May's…


We slept in. My date/companion/friend and I had nothing to do until 11:30, right? The wedding was over, and all we had to do was get to the airport by 1:59 or so. We slept in. It was enjoyable - and relaxing - and we slept in. What we didn't plan on was the hypoglycemia […]

QotD: Beans

Question: What is your favorite bean? My Answer: I'm tempted to say "Bean town" but that might be cheating. Green beans are okay. Beanies would be cheating too, huh? In the end, I'm going to go with "Mr. Bean," as in the Rowan Atkinson character. Yep, Mr. Bean is my favorite Bean by far. Andy […]