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Archive for June, 2003

QotD: Expensive Hobbies

Question: What hobby would you have if money was no object? My Answer: I think golf would become an even bigger fascination. I'd play more - I'd fly to place at various courses. I'd hobby-ize my whole life, perhaps developing golf software or attempting to study golf course architecture. I'd be a golf nut. More […]

BBEdit: Now $249

Not quite, but if you want every commercial release of BBEdit, you can have it for $249 on a special collector's item type CD-ROM (ad spied at So, not only is this text editor over-priced at $149 (or whatever it costs these days), they actually think they'll sell a thousand copies of a CD-ROM […]

QotD: Singing Voice

Question: If you could have the singing voice of anyone, whose voice would you have? My Answer: I have no idea - I like bands, and my favorite is R.E.M., but there's nothing terribly spectacular about Michael Stipe's voice. I'll go with "Josh Groban" because I know more than a few lady friends would pretty […]

I Didn’t Miss Him

Less than a day later, and the site is back up. Some people just don't get it.

I Won’t Miss Him

I won't miss him any more than I'd miss Dvorak if he gave up writing and spouting drivel. Dave Winer is a prime example of "you reap what you sow." Scripting News is taking a break. The lack of support, even name-calling, from people who think of themselves as my friend, has got me thinking […]

QotD: Long Distance

Question: If you were starting a new relationship, what's your distance limit? My Answer: Poorly worded question (my apologies), but perhaps my answer will clear it up. I'd date someone four hours (by car) from me. Four hours is close enough that I could drive to see my gal any time I had two days […]

Fastlane Crashes

From Carpe Aqua comes the news that Fastlane was cancelled. As you can see I've mentioned Fastlane several times. It is - correction, it was - one of my favorite shows, a sort of Miami Vice for the new millenia. The camera work, the writing, it was all very well done. Other TV shows I've […]


I went to the optometrist today for a checkup. I hadn't been to one in three years, since I lived in Pennsylvania, and now that I've got coverage, I thought I'd swing by, check out the effects of staring at a computer screen 18 hours a day, and get some new frames (my current ones […]

The Element: No!

José and I went to a Honda dealer today to test drive a Honda Element. As I wrote before, I was considering an Element. To make a long story short, the Element made me realize why I love my Aztek so much. The Element had two plusses: a polyurethane floor that can be hosed and/or […]

QotD: Speed Limit

Question: If you could set the national speed limit, what would it be? My Answer: 65. 55 is a bit slow, and at 65 most people go 70. 70 is decent - over a mile a minute - and yet not so fast that people go 100 (which some would if the limit was 75 […]

New Frames

Since I have health care again, including a vision plan, I'm getting an eye exam tomorrow and I'll probably pick out new frames. My current ones are fairly simple: a turtle-shell copper half-rim (the top half). What's the style these days? Rimless? I guess I'll find out. The Lens Crafters Style Advisor was of little […]

I make no bones about the fact that Freshly Squeezed Software is a small company. We're three people, really. But (roughly) so are other great Mac software development companies, like Panic and even Omni Group to a certain extent. Other companies are only one person.

QotD: Super Abilities

Question: If you could have X-Ray vision or the ability to read people's minds, which would you choose? What if you couldn't turn them off? My Answer: I'd choose to have the ability to read people's minds, regardless of whether I could turn it off or not. I'd have to learn to deal with other […]

MCI = Fucktards

Read the MCI Backstory here. Last Friday, a collection agency called me to attempt to collect on $158.89 they say I owed MCI. I paid because I take my credit rating very seriously, then immediately called MCI because the amount jogged my memory. The backstory tells me why - I'd effectively paid off someone else's […]

QotD: Coffee Makers

Question: What's your dream coffee maker? My Answer: One that dispenses Coke. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.