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Archive for June, 2003


Judi really likes Zinio, but after trying out the demo, I quickly deleted it from my hard disk. Why? You have to lug your PowerBook/iBook just to read a magazine instead of, well, just a magazine. You can't pass along a Zinio magazine to a friend like you can a real magazine. Screen glare? Don't […]

QotD: Pranks

Question: What's the biggest prank you've ever pulled? My Answer: I once, with a friend, put a bunch of rainbow stickers (not the Apple logo kind - the square kind) on some cars in a parking lot. Even months later some cars still had the stickers attached (we attached them at a slight angle with […]

San Jose Tech Museum

Jason and I went to the The San Jose Tech Museum today. I think it's actually called the "Museum of Innovation" or something, but whatever. It's a "museum" that encourages you to play around. Geared towards, oh, fourteen year olds or so, the museum was a bit of a let-down. Jason and I made the […]

QotD: Segway

Question: How much would you pay for a Segway? My Answer: $1000. I've already got a scooter to get me around with great fuel economy (and it goes a lot faster, and I store it outside, no problem). I've got a car. And since I don't live or work in a big warehouse where I'd […]

QotD: Favorite Pixar

Question: What is your favorite Pixar flick? My Answer: Toy Story. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Dairy Queen

Question: What is your favorite thing to get at Dairy Queen? My Answer: Blizzards. Mmmmm. Various flavors. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Color SideKick?

Steven notes the release of the color Hiptop, errr, SideKick. If they have a data-only plan, and upgrades to the color version, you can bet your sweet ass I'll be switching as soon as I get back to Florida. I have my greyscale one with me out here, but I've turned it on once. After […]

Day Three

Day three in California was equally uneventful. Josh bailed on the Pixar trip (the bozo :-P) and Jason and I decided to see Finding Nemo another day. I played around with osascript a little bit (it's fun to make other people's computers do funny things). I ate some 7/11 food (gee, yum). I've got to […]

QotD: Never Buy

Question: What is one thing you'd never buy? My Answer: Uhhhh, gay porn. Nope, can't see myself buying that. Ever. There are a lot of things I'd never buy for myself, but never buy at all? Gay porn's gotta be top 10, even if I can't think of the other nine right now. You are […]

OneWord: Stamp

Stamps are something you use to mail things or give approval. You can stamp something, as in to make a mark as well, kind of like branding cattle. You can stamp on (or stomp on) a fire to get it out, right? Aren't those candle-putter-outers called "stampers" in some way? I don't know. But I […]

Day Two

Day two of my stay in CA was largely uneventful. I met Jason for dinner (at the Outback) and picked up some clothing and things. I got a peek at something from my future and am pleased. I called home and spoke with someone who means a great deal to me, and so that made […]

QotD: Guilty Pleasure

Question: What's your biggest monetary guilty pleasure? My Answer: Gadgets. I love to buy gadgets. I got more gadgets today (clothes, actually, though certainly gadget- and tech-related). Oy. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Muppets

Question: Who is your favorite muppet? My Answer: Beaker. Kermit was a close second, followed by Gonzo and Animal. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

OneWord: Fault

Fault, as in "it's nobody's." I think one of the seven rules for being a successful individual (or whatever that pop culture book - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mofos - is named) is to be proactive. To me, being proactive is admitting that you have faults and working to fix them. After all, […]

Keanu is Generous

Let it be known that you don't have to be a good actor to be a generous human. Wowee. 50,000,000 pounds is a lot of dough to give to the special effects and makeup people. Awesome. After all, without special effects and makeup, Keanu's acting ability would really shine through, wouldn't it? 🙂