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Archive for June, 2007

Well, here you go!

Today, I went to my family doctor to see whether I had strep throat or something else. Turns out the doctor just believes I have laryngitis, which is fine. Gargle with salt, take some steroids, the usual. I've had a light cough when I wake up or lay down in bed for the past month. […]

My iTunes Plus Upgrade

81 songs with three complete albums: $18.30. Update: Why the hell didn't iTunes maintain my ratings and play counts for the new versions? I now have 81 unrated, unplayed songs that - in my opinion - shouldn't be unrated or unplayed.

My Voice is Gone

I won't be saying much out loud for the next few days as, while driving home last night from Columbus and The Memorial, my voice went out. I had a cough that would not go away three weeks ago that had just subsided, but the stress of this past week seems to have allowed it […]

K.J. Choi Wins

Adam Scott, again, falters in the final round at The Memorial. That makes two years running, boy. Alan and I didn't get a chance to watch much. They started early and showed it on TV on tape delay.

Adam Scott shot an amazing 62 in the second round of this year's Memorial. Alan and I were there, and witnessed a bit of it, though we were mostly following other players around. We followed Tiger through the first and second holes, grabbed shots of him on the fifth, and then peeled back to get […]