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Archive for July, 2007

Ecto 3 and MarsEdit 2

Ecto 3 is due any decade now. I'm reminded of the glacial pace every time Daniel says something about MarsEdit 2.0.

Do you give a shit about Harry Potter? Yes No View Results I don't.


The past few days I've seen two movies that are probably under-rated: Breach and Shooter. It's been awhile since I saw a good sniper movie - Enemy at the Gates didn't cut it.

Jesper is starting a small campaign for Cocoa (and really all Mac developers) to be resolution independent as of November 29, 2007. Iris (Cyndicate) is mostly resolution independent already. We have only a few small tweaks left, but our icons and things were all done in sizes up to 4x as large as the current […]

I need to create a digitized embroidery file (".dst" file) for some embroidery work. I can have this done for me at a cost of $100, but I'm hoping someone will know of a more cost effective way to do this. I doubt there's a Mac solution available, but I'm able to run Windows XP […]

Avoid Top-Posting in Mail

This script will help me when/if I ever switch from Entourage to Mail. I think Entourage is the only non-native app I still run semi-regularly. In my Dock, I have Stickies, SpamSieve, Entourage, Adium, Safari, Transmit, Terminal, BBEdit, iTunes, Cyndicate, and ecto. Yep… Entourage is the only one left.

I'm looking for a moderately high resolution image of a handicapped parking permit for a practical joke of sorts (nothing illegal, and the butt of the joke is not in any way handicapped people). Anyone seen one? A google images search is pretty useless.

If anyone is interested in developing some themes, perhaps which can be built-in, for a new feed aggregator/reader/thingamajig, please contact me via email (see sidebar, and please don't use GMail). The advantage or perk of doing this is that, at the bottom of every article using your theme, you can put something like "theme design […]

The Coke can has been redesigned. I like the "new" old look, and agree with the comments here (also where the image comes from).

Saw Ratatouille

And you should too. It's not so much a kid's movie, though, which is a nice (if subtle) change of pace. They even say "hell" in the movie.

Want to Mow the Lawn

We desperately, desperately need some water. I've not mowed my lawn (because I don't believe in wasting water) in weeks. Except for a few thin and almost invisible strands and a few shaded areas, the lawn is a good height. It's just dormant and slightly brown.

I Still Use Entourage

This discussion prompted this post… I've yet to make the switch to Mail. I still use Entourage, and I still like it. I've got some good AppleScripts, it works well, I like labels, and it supports different soundsets. The end. P.S. The show of the same name is really good.

I'm looking for a Windows developer capable of porting Scorecard to Windows. I don't care what language is used (so long as it's not too far out there). There's more information here, but here are the highlights: Should work somewhat like the Mac version. This is a port, not a grounds-up rewrite. The Mac (Cocoa) […]

Happy Birthday, America

You know, "231 years old" really doesn't seem like squat when you think about it. When I went to France, the thing that most impressed me was how old things are. Americans go to see Monticello and think "wow, that's old, it's from 1784" (or whenever). Then they go to Europe and they see things […]

The .biz Domain

Have you ever gotten a legitimate email from a .biz domain? Because I sure as heck haven't, and I'm seriously considering email blacklisting all .biz domains.