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Archive for February, 2009

Scorecard UI Problem

One of Scorecard 1.x's weaker points is nine-hole support. We're beefing this up tremendously with our 2.0 release, but are facing some crucial decisions when it comes to data entry and the user interface for such. Below are two windows. The left is version 1.x, the right something I mocked up for version 2.0. Both […]

2009 PMA Canon Rumors

Canon Rumors lists a few things that would interest me (in order of importance): EF 24-70 f/2.7L II IS - I have the current 24-70 and it may be a little soft, and the addition of IS would be handy. More handy than without it, anyway. EF 100-400 f/4-5.6L II IS - I have the […]

Scorecard has been a relatively successful application. It's sold well and been well liked by customers. It's even cross-platform, with full license and data file compatibility between Windows and Mac OS X. When the iTunes App Store was announced, it seemed only natural that we'd build an iPhone ((I'll use the term iPhone here, but […]

Canon’s TC-80N3 Timer Remote

Canon's TC-80N3 is a "Timer Remote Controller" with four features, all of which can be used in any combination: alone or with any two, three, or four settings combined. The features are: Self Timer - Delay before taking an image. Interval Timer - Delay between images. Long Exposure Timer - Set the shutter speed for […]


Someone needs to hire a "proffesional" spell-checker.

The timeline goes something like this… February 6, 2009: At about noon, I make a $676 purchase. Not needing the items all that quickly, I opt for the "free" 7-10 day Super Saver shipping. The only shipping estimates on the order pages are "order in the next 13 hours to have it by tomorrow!" February […]

Super Bowl XLIII: A Week Later

Some random thoughts about the Super Bowl that was…

Dashboard Widget Sync

For the most part, MobileMe's (née .Mac) "sync" features work well. They keep my calendars, my contacts, my preferences, and more just as I like them on multiple machines ((About the only additional thing I wish it could do is to synchronize folders (like ~/Library/Scripts/) across machines.)). Unfortunately, the Dashboard sync is seemingly hopelessly broken. […]

Quick Thoughts on Kindle 2.0

In November, 2007 I asked if anyone thought the Kindle was a good idea. Recently, after seeing how truly small the Kindle is, I started to wonder if perhaps it wasn't a good idea - or to be more precise, if perhaps the next version rumored to be introduced on February 9, wasn't going to […]

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Awesome FlipBook Video

Josh, creator of FlipBook, sent this to me: "Get Well, Bob" - Extended Edition by furbawl

The Case Against Gmail?

I concur. Of course, there's more to it than that… And I still use Entourage. I like the colored labels and I like the unified inbox. Screw Mail.

As long as I've been aware of professional sports teams, I've been a Pittsburgh sports fan: Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers. I watched the Pirates lose in the playoffs three years in a row. I watched the Pens lose in the post-season a few times, including last year, but also watched them snag two Stanley Cups. […]

February 2009 Desktops

I've updated the Desktops page with February's images. Since it's not a leap year, you've got 2-3 less days to get these images than every other month, so grab 'em today. P.S. We were without power from shortly before 7:00am until just after 3:30pm today. Penelec was digging pretty deep around some electrical boxes in […]