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Archive for November, 2010

Two Kinds of Computer Users

There are two kinds of computer users out there: those who know what "/me" means and those who do not. I like that one more than "those who have lost data and those who will." And it's true, too.

Everyone's got some "favorite independently developed Mac software." For example, I like MarsEdit and FastScripts, and Daniel's made great strides in improving the look and feel of his site. It's functional and suits the software he's developed. But it's probably not among anyone's lists of favorite software sites ((Frankly, I'm only listing it because I […]

Replenish Cleaners

Stuff like this just makes sense. Pricing is $7.99 for the bottle and a pack of concentrated cleaning solution. Refill packs are $3.99. That seems to cost about the same as regular cleaning solutions. It's a multi-surface cleaner, but I doubt it works on glass very well. Perhaps just countertops and other similar surfaces. At […]