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Archive for April, 2012

If you get this error in Preview, quit Preview, trash this folder, and relaunch Preview: ~/Library/ Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Boston Marathon in 8 Minutes

The Boston Marathon takes place on Monday (which is why your taxes aren't due until the 17th, I believe - the 16th is Patriot Day). I have no plans to ever run the Boston Marathon or any other marathon for that matter. I haven't even run 26 miles the past two weeks. Super busy.

It’s Out

I'm calling it version 0.8.1 but it's out. The thing I've worked on.


I sometimes wish very much that I could express myself as well in person (or with my voice) as well as I can when I write. It's not even that I edit things. I tend to get things right the first time through. There's just something in that small bit of added time that's required […]

Behind Again

I'm behind again on blogging. I have about 75% of the days filled with stubs right now, some half written, some more. I'll get to them eventually. 🙂

BetterZip 2

BetterZip 2 is out, and if you are not entirely content with the way Mac OS X handles zip archives (and more beyond that - including rar archives, cpgz archives, etc.) then you owe it to yourself to check it out. Their free QuickLook plugin for zip files is GREAT.

I'm fairly certain I signed up originally so that I could get three free logo golf balls (I have a small collection of about 600 such golf balls). 2005 was a long time ago! This past Christmas they sent me a little tiny sweater, perfectly sized to fit over a barrel of Maker's Mark. It's […]

From TED.

Length of Time != Good

It's a common logical fallacy that the length of time a person spends doing something is directly proportional to their abilities at that thing. For example, from a decade or so ago, "I've been training weimaraners for 40+ years." I'm sorry, but that doesn't mean you've been doing it well.

Pebble Watch

I've joined as a backer for the Kickstarter Pebble. I like my iPod Nano watch a TON, but this looks far and away like the next level. Update (04/22): It's now reached $6M and shows no signs of stopping.

The Newsroom

Sorkin. I'm in. Might even order HBO for it. 😛

I'm tired of people spelling my name "Eric." If you're a professional, and you're sending me an email, you look like a moron when you type "Eric" given that my name probably appears about four times within a few inches of the place where you type "Eric." I double-check when sending email to "John"s to […]

Spelling and Intelligence

I've never met a super-intelligent person who doesn't spell well and who doesn't have a disability like dyslexia. I realize that they're out there, and that perhaps I've simply not met them yet, but most super-intelligent people read a lot, and I think that helps them to become better spellers, along with a sort of […]

Kill the Penny!!!

Canada Kills Its Penny; Can We Please Be Next? Pretty please? ((I just said that two posts in a row, yes.))

April 1 on a Sunday

Does this mean we can escape the normal boringness of various sites having pranks? Pretty please? Have any of them ever actually been funny?