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Archive for March, 2014

iOS 7.1

Michael Tsai's Roundup of iOS 7.1 news has links to a few good things: iOS 7.1 vs iOS 7 | Polar Using your lock screen wallpaper for ICE info A recommendation to use 744x1392 for iPhone wallpaper How to completely turn off parallax wallpapers on iOS 7.1

I'll admit it. My previous 1Password Master Password was one of convenience. It was between 3 and 10 letters long, and contained few special characters. But… my new password follows some of the guidelines set forth in Toward Better Master Passwords. Thanks. I suppose I can tolerate being annoyed a little bit more for exponentially […] There's the traceroute. Ho hum.

I've been paying $74.99 for my high-speed Internet with TWC. It's always worked really well, and I've had it for years and years. Including when I lived in Florida (Adelphia, I believe, was my ISP down there). Even though new users can sign up for the same level of service I have for $54.99… (don't […]

Comcast Buying Time-Warner?

Goodness, I hope not. But it looks like it's going to happen: One sentence and six charts to explain why Comcast is buying Time Warner Cable.

Putt-Putt Perfection

BBEdit is Old

I just realized that I've been using BBEdit for over 15 years now, and the software was already pretty old when I started using it. Yeesh. And I still use it, and love it. Every day.

Only 90s Web Developers Remember This


A take-down of a take-down: Daring Fireball: From the Department of Fitting Facts to the Narrative

How Secure is iMessage?

More than people thought. TL;DR version: Too long, didnt read? Basically: Unless Apple is omitting something or there's some backdoor tucked into their many-layers-deep encryption (which, while unlikely, isn't inconceivable) they really can't read your iMessages without a fairly insane amount of effort. Sure, they could theoretically brute force their way past your private key. […]

You’re Using Your Camera’s Flash Wrong Truth is, you shouldn't use the flash at a performance like that anyway. Not at a sports event, not at a school play, not on Broadway, not at fireworks, not at the Olympics — because your camera's flash is useless beyond about eight feet. … Yeah, yeah, I know. […]

Apple WWDC 1997

It's interesting to listen to that now, and see what Apple's done in the years since. This part starts with an insult and shows how much Steve had matured even by 1997. I wonder where the question-asker is today…

Impressive. Scary, too. This kind of stuff is an order of magnitude - or more - beyond what I sometimes feel I can even comprehend. P.S. Imagine if Siri could actually tap into this.

The link is here: No matter what they do (delete your data, privacy breach, overcharging, whatever), you don't get to sue. Instead, they get to choose the arbitrator according to whatever criteria they want, and thus any dispute is decided by someone they're paying. … The agreement we make with Dropbox is too important […]


Nobody's talking about iBeacon, but it could be huge.