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New Mac Minis Worse?

The New Mac mini is Quickly Turning into a Disaster I'm glad we didn't get one of these to replace the Mac Mini we use at Golf Evolution to run Analyzr.

DiskWarrior 5, Drive Genius 4

I've purchased both upgrades, though I think Drive Genius may not get re-upped for version 6. DiskWarrior is pretty safe though.

Mail to Self (iOS Extension)

Mail to Self Wonderfully useful. I email things to myself as a reminder to do something about them later. I used to iMessage myself, but this is even faster and easier. And I'm more likely to see an unread email.

Two things for now: The window moves around so easily. I click to bring it to the front, move my mouse somewhere, and the window - for some reason - follows along. STOP THAT! Also, please stop pasting links as linked text. Nobody getting my iMessage on a phone is going to be able to […]

Gonna give Flashlight a try today based on this. Edit: Quick testing of the iMessages plugin have all failed. Hmmmm.

Finder Windows Vanish on Reboot

Finder Windows Disappearing, Finder Windows Disappearing, How do I stop Finder-Tabs from closing after Shutdown/Restart I've had this issue for years. I have a Finder window with tabs showing. Sometimes it's just one tab ("Downloads"), sometimes it's two or three. Rarely is it ever more than one window. I leave them minimized almost all the […]

Unregistering iMessage

You can now Deregister and Turn Off iMessage if you switch to Android or something…

Twice over the past three months I've awoken to find that my computer had set opened too many files. One time it essentially corrupted my Mail (I had to "restore" old accounts from Time Machine because Mail had lost track of all the accounts - the emails themselves were still there, of course), and the […]

PIxelmator 3.3

Pixelmator 3.3 is out. Unfortunately, you still have no clue what your foreground and background colors are…

Apple to GTAT

Apple to sapphire supplier: “Put on your big boy pants and accept the agreement” A $50 million penalty for breach of confidentiality per occurrence. No manufacturing processes could be modified by GTAT without Apple’s prior consent but GTAT must immediately implement Apple’s suggestions. GTAT must fulfill any purchase order placed by Apple on the date […]

Dropbox on Yosemite

@gruber I lost this one. Apple improved Dropbox integration when releasing its own drive. — I love Anil, but… (@anildash) November 6, 2014

Awesome Screenshot for Safari on iOS

Awesome Screenshot for Safari on the App Store on iTunes Good stuff that eliminates a LOT of steps.

Unison Now Free

The Future of Unison Spoiler: free, unsupported.

The rest of the world is adopting a "wait and see" approach to the Apple Watch. How Apple Watch is killing wearable tech as a gift this Christmas