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While looking for an alternative to ClipMenu I found CopyPastePro. Unfortunately, I hate three things about it that almost make it a deal breaker: Inability to use a separate keyboard shortcut (like ctrl-cmd-v). CopyPastePro forces cmd-opt-ctrl-v, which is 10x as difficult as ctrl-cmd-v. It misses or prevents the occasional copy. I'll copy a URL, for […]

Power of Keynote for Web Design

People apparently use Keynote as a design/mockup tool for web development (and other things). Cool. Me, I'm just hoping Keynote, Pages, and Numbers get an update for 10.8. They're feeling a bit long in the tooth. Still the best, but let's see what the next iteration gives us.

ClipMenu Alternative

Is there an alternative to ClipMenu that's being actively updated?

How Many Login Items Do You Have?

How many Login items do you have on your Mac? I have, if I am capable of counting this high, 13:

In the weeks leading up to the event, I'd mentally prepared myself to finally buy an iPad. I think now I'm leaning the other way, towards still not owning an iPad. We're a family of three, and we have more iPods than I can count (I regularly use three myself if you include the one […]

Waiting on the Mac Pro Update

I'm now solidly in the "Will Buy a New Mac Pro when They're Announced" camp. 580+ days and counting. C'mon, Apple. I'm not buying an iMac.

Last one on Mountain Lion for awhile. Promise. Ten exciting system changes in Mountain Lion: Sharing, sharing, everywhere (meh) Many computers, one account (Does that mean I can sync Keychains again?) iCloud-y documents (meh) Screen sharing: Now with draggable files (Good. I'll use that.) Multi-disk backup (Can't hurt. I should get another disk.) One-stop software […]

Mail in Mountain Lion

From MacWorld: Inline Find - Great Notifications in rules and selective notifications - Awesome VIPs - Woohoo! No more RSS - Took 'em long enough! Love all the changes. P.S. Get Cyndicate for your RSS reading.

Rivet is dead, so what is the recommended software now for streaming movies (mostly movies, maybe some music) from your Mac to your PS3 and XBox 360?

iOS ’86

Love it! If this were somehow an Easter Egg in iOS, I'd enable it right away. Wait, remember Easter Eggs? Six hours of Googling all the classics later… Ah, Easter Eggs. Good times. Good times.

A Different Kind of Apple Book

Perhaps when I'm done reading Steve Jobs I'll read the new Apple Book by Ken Segall. It looks good.

New AirPort Utility Dropdown Menu

Yeah, that's not a drop-down menu, but it behaves like one. Where's the triangle? It looks like a regular old button. C'mon, Apple. These little things matter, and you know that better than anyone. Or at least you used to.

While troubleshooting an issue for a customer, I launched Console and noticed a message being repeated every two seconds: 1/15/12 8:17:54.000 am kernel: USBF: 768663.812 AppleUSBEHCI[0x137c6000]::Found a transaction past the completion deadline on bus 0xfd, timing out! (Addr: 4, EP: 1) 1/15/12 8:17:56.000 am kernel: USBF: 768665.811 AppleUSBEHCI[0x137c6000]::Found a transaction past the completion deadline on […]

iTunes Match Finally Worked

I persevered and finally got iTunes Match to work. After it uploaded a ton of songs, I created a playlist as suggested here and, over the next day or so, deleted and downloaded higher quality versions of my iTunes songs. I'll eventually go through and weed out the duplicates. I've seen a few. Will I […]

iTunes Match NRFPT

I signed up for iTunes Match earlier today. Since then, I've downloaded (replaced) exactly one song, and I've spent an hour or so searching the Web for "iTunes Match error 4001" and "iTunes Match error 4010" and so on. I've tried some of the tricks, I've set up a smart playlist, and I'm still just […]