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This screenshot appears in Cyndicate from time to time. It also appears in Safari now and then. That would be fine, but there's absolutely no way I can see in the "Settings…" to turn the damn thing off.

BBEdit Lion Discoloration


Labels Change Filename Sizes

State of the Mac Pro

My Mac Pro is getting older. It's a 2 x 3 GHz Dual-Core Xeon with 13 GB of RAM. I've got four 1 TB SATA disks inside. It's hooked up to an older 23" Cinema Display and is on its second video card. The top SuperDrive (I have two) sticks sometimes when you eject the […]

Preview has a Signature Option

This is interesting: you can scan your signature in Preview using your iSight camera. I'm not sure I'll ever use this feature but it's nifty anyway. 😉 From Finer Things in Mac.

Location Manager

Under Lion, what's the best/easiest way to automatically switch your Location (in the Network settings) based on where you are? AirPortLocation is no longer being updated and while it worked "okay" it over-reached a bit and changed all sorts of stuff. I may just make an AppleScript to do the two things I need (change […]

Steve Jobs Resigns

Perhaps the best way to consider the impact Steve Jobs has had on the lives of millions is to consider what the world would be like today if Gil Amelio had bought Be instead of NeXT back in 1996. Then triple that, because Steve started Apple back in the 1970s, and without that there'd have […]

I hate hate hate hate this dialog box. I'm a HEAVY browser user. I'll have 50-100 tabs open at any given moment. I absolutely hate when Safari purges some from its memory to "make room" for others. Oftentimes the purged pages were: Scrolled to a certain point on the page. Had a form or some […]

Let's hope this is fixed before general release. Update: Oops. It wasn't.

I wrote about this sync issue back in April but I've finally resolved this nagging issue: What finally did it? This KBase article which had me eventually run this: /System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ full Thank goodness that's gone. I'm a bit anal about these types of things and that one was driving me nuts.

I see no reason why QuickTime Player or Preview should restore their state. They're not really "editing" applications, and I rarely close windows in them before I quit the app, particularly if I have only one window open. So, these terminal commands take care of that: defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false defaults write […]

chflags nohidden ~/Library It's kind of annoying that it's hidden but, hey, whatever. Most people don't need it. Also, holding down the option key will show the "Library" option in the "Go" menu of the Finder. When will Lion ship? About a month, I think.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

I'm not sure what I am looking forward to the most - the release of the software or the Siracusa review that will surely follow. Update:

Apple’s Spaceship Campus

Details here: Design will include a courtyard in the middle and curved glass all the way around. Jobs is planning on transforming an area that’s 20% landscaping to 80% landscaping by putting most of the building’s parking underground. There are 3,700 trees in the area at the moment, Jobs has hired an arborist from Stanford […]

Steve Jobs, 1997 WWDC Keynote