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Ball Flight Laws


The golf world lost a great champion earlier today, and while I was not into golf when Seve was in his prime, I enjoyed reading every story I could find about him when I got into golf, and he's one of a handful of players I really wish I could have seen in his prime.

If you're into golf, check out evolvr, now with 16 months of experience. The platform has worked really well for our students, and we're moving forward with the same great pricing and instruction quality as ever.

With Friends Like This? Launched February, 2010. Another site just launched. The operators were just talking with us about buying the evolvr web software. They didn't even get a price yet. Their site uses PayPal and Dropbox. It has no queue, no notifications, no accounts, nada. The site even copied the language, pricing structure, the "three steps," etc. […]

Grant Waite on Left Tilt

Silly Ball Markers

Lines on balls help about 20% of golfers. They hinder or have no effect on 80% of golfers. If you're looking for a ball marker with a line, get this one from Putting Tools .com. You can customize the colors, put logos on them, etc.

Mike’s Pitching Video

Mike's currently in the process of making his own videos similar to the ones we've done, which is great. The more times good information gets out there, the better. Mike is a Golf Evolution instructor now as well. Yippee! 🙂

V1 Software Sucks

V1 software sucks. It's crashy, super-expensive, ugly as sin, and a pain in the rear to use. Get a Mac and get Analyzr. Smile more. P.S. See the previous post. 😉

Dear Hank

I'm not sure what's worse advertising for your "abilities" as an instructor: this any of these.

Edel Putter Video

Golf Evolution: Metro

There's a good article about the upcoming Downtown Erie location of Golf Evolution. Really looking forward to when this opens in September-ish.

AimPoint Lesson Plan

I'm building an AimPoint lesson plan. In a Fundamentals class, AimPoint students will learn about: The Green Reading Decision Model Primary Geren Shapes Anchors Inflection Points Zero Lines Putt Geometry Measuring Green Speed Capture Speed Dynamics Looking forward to it! Always have a plan!

Think You’re a Good Putter?

Great day. One of these days the weather will be as good as the information and our students. 😉

AimPoint Combo Read