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Happy Birthday to me. And to my father-in-law. I'm 33. He's… 71 I think? Day three is a half day, and basically a free-for-all. We were introduced to a few drills (people can't aim very well and their speed control isn't great), and we were given the opportunity to ask a bunch of questions. A […]

Wow, what a day. We learned a fair amount of "stuff" in the morning session, a bit of which I already knew and a bit of which was totally new to me, but the afternoon sessions on the course were incredible. Special thanks to Double-T for showing how to play while using AimPoint on the […]

After spending three days in San Antonio, Dave and I boarded a flight at 2:30am local time (Las Vegas) and arrived just in time to wait for an hour at the Dollar car rental booth. 😉 Then it was off, past the strip, to TPC Summerlin to attend the first of three days of AimPoint […]

Awesome changes. First time implementing our subtle change to the driver pattern (hit up on the ball, play a baby fade) and great work from all involved. Once again, the closing short game section is well received and though it doesn't top the full swing stuff, its simplicity and ease of application makes it an […]

Can't say much more than "another awesome day of students getting great information and getting a lot better at golf." One golfer has yet to play golf on a course because he doesn't feel he's ready. The first fundamental he had to get down pat? Hitting the ball first, and then the ground. He's got […]

And with this little adventure, Crowne Plaza goes on the shit list. We booked and paid for tickets through Priceline for a Crowne Plaza in San Antonio, TX. Our flight arrived on time at midnight, and we arrived at the hotel at 1am. "Did you call ahead for late arrival, sir?" "No." "I'm sorry, we've […]

The Apex of the Putt? No!

This video is very much like this forum thread: More Advice I Hate: The Apex of the Putt.

Measuring Stimp with AimPoint

P.S. I felt like I'd cheated in my AimPoint training because I'd seen this video already. 😉 - all you need to know about "green reading"? I'll know soon. 🙂

You’re Gonna Look Like a Dork

Johnny Miller on "bracing" with your right hip, leg, knee.

Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer are conducing a one-day school at Whispering Woods and the Golf Evolution Academy on Saturday, April 30, 2011. Unlike the previous post, they teach a golf swing that makes sense. 😉

Jackson Straight Method to Golf

Uhm, what?

Edel Putters

Coming soon to a Golf Evolution near you. 😉

Furyk Feeling

Yeah baby! 🙂 Feel ain't real, folks.

Accumulator Unloading

When I have time, I intend to modify this graph: If you're not into golf, this post will mean nothing to you. 😉 P.S. If you use Numbers, is there any way to get a shaded area in a defined range on either side of the lines shown here? Kind of a "margin for error" […]