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I Passed the PAT

According to Chuck Evans, only 2% of people pass the PAT (Playing Ability Test) the first time they attempt it. Only 50% who ever attempt it eventually pass… ever. I can now count myself among the 50% who pass. And, I'm pleased to say, among the 2% who pass the first time. I took my […]

PAT Coming Up Soon

I have my Playing Ability Test in a few days. I'm anxious. I'm not competing against other people, and the forecast is for 45 degrees or so with rain and a good amount of wind, which will simply make shooting the appropriate score much more difficult. I've seen the course once - we played a […]

Forum for PGA/PGM Members

I haven't looked very much, but I've not seen a forum or a site that caters to people that are currently enrolling - or thinking about enrolling - in the PGA's apprentice or PGM programs. I'm considering starting one myself… I know I'd benefit and I don't doubt others would as well.

Beginning my PGA Coursework

I've begun my PGA Pre-Qualifying level course work. This consists of reading the PDFs and, eventually (and within six months), taking a test at an ACT test center. I won't likely do so before May 7, however, because that's when I play my PAT (playing aptitude test). INTRODUCTION TO THE PGA PROFESSIONAL GOLF MANAGEMENT PROGRAM […]