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Mark Sweeney at MIT Conference

AimPoint on Golf Channel

Both balls lie on either zide of a curved zero line which runs through the low anchor in the middle. Both putt are aimed/ hit straight at the hole showing how the first put misses to the left and how the second put misses to the right. Remember that both putts are missed on either […]

AimPoint – Tilted Crown

Here is one of the hardest putt on this green. At first this putt appears to occur at the 5 o'clock position on a planar surface. In actuality this is a tilted crown. The first putt appears to break up hill. The second putt shows how the putt changes direction once it crosses over the […]

Five minutes long, but worth it. 🙂 6-12 inches is the ideal speed, but if you're going to watch The Masters at Augusta National, some putts will still have a really wide hole but roll out a few feet past the cup.

Putter Loft Versus Launch

AimPoint 60 Foot Make

AimPoint Crown Read

Crowns can be tricky. Four inflection points - two highs and two lows means four straight putts.

AimPoint Make

If the ball leaves the blue line, it misses. Predictable putting makes for boring TV, but great greens reading.

Zero Line Putts

They're aimed straight at the hole, but that doesn't mean the putt itself is straight. It may double-break, triple-break, or more. For more,

Capture Speed vs. Hole Width

Hit a putt too hard and the size of the hole shrinks considerably. Hit it too soft and it may wobble too much at the end to stay on line.

I'm not here yet, and the new name is "Advanced," but check this out:

Las Vegas Golf Evolution School

A small school put together by an evolvr student, today we hosted three students (and one very interested Director of Golf) at a fine course in Las Vegas, NV. The weather was great and the students all did an incredible, incredible job. Some photos of the work we did with a few students are in […]