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Stack and Tilt: Hitting the Driver

We recorded this video yesterday (5D Mark II, iMovie :-)).

Hershey, Here We Come

As he did last year, Dave managed to finish high enough in the local qualifier for the National Club Pro Championship, which will be played in Hershey, PA next year. Woo! Congrats to Dave, and I look forward to bettering the top-50 finish we had this year.

Whispering Woods 2011 Rates

They've gone up a bit, but "special offers are available to all current 2010 members." That deal is "if you pay in 2010, you pay the 2010 rates." 2010 rates were roughly the same as the 2009 rates. 2011 Membership Rates Individual (25-59): $2,200 Family: $3,000 Senior: $2,000 Senior Couple: $2,650 Junior: $800 (cart not […]

Prior to becoming an Apprentice in the PGA program, you must pass the PAT, pass a pre-qualifying test, and do a few other things (largely show that you're employed). The three items on which you're tested are: 1) Introduction to the PGA PGM Program 2) PGA History and Constitution 3) The Rules of Golf The […]

PGA Lesson Type

When you become a member of the PGA, and add your listing to a few places, the PGA asks you to define what kind of lessons you give. One of the questions is shown here: The problem with this is that, for example, video lessons and computer swing analysis are done for every student. They're […]

French Lick Recap

Just some tidbits from the recent trip to French Lick, Indiana. The only restaurant they've got that isn't named "Denny's" is Larry Bird's "33" restaurant. The food was okay. The atmosphere wasn't really Bird-ish, but rather just sports-ish. The West Baden Springs Hotel was the largest free-standing dome in the world prior to the Houston […]

Round 4, National Club Pro

66 or Bust! Okay, so it was a bust, but we played a good version of Mad Monkey Golf all day today and ended up shooting 74. On the bright side, we improved our score each of the three days we played the Dye course. On the darker side, we still didn't get much luck. […]

Round 3, National Club Pro

Today didn't go quite as well as we expected, but didn't go any worse, either. I will say this, though: if we didn't have bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all. I don't think we've gotten one good break in three rounds. But some of the luck was our own making. On the […]

Round 2, National Club Pro

We start off #10 at the Donald Ross course, and bogey two of the first four holes. After yesterday's 77, we need to come home strong in order to make the cut. There are some 340 players here, and yet the cut is still the top 70 and ties. It may be the toughest cut […]

Round 1, National Club Pro

Round One of the national club pro was supposed to begin at about 2:05. We showed up at about 12:30 to begin warming up only to find that, oof, there was a 100-minute delay due to some threatening weather. We got in some good practice time and then headed back to the hotel. Our mistake. […]

Light practice today - lots of short game work, some bunker work, etc. Dave's ball position was changed a little in the bunkers - it had gotten too far back - and we're working on adding a little more "pop" to his stroke coming through the ball with his putter. One of the drills involves […]

French Lick, Indiana

Carey and I arrived in French Lick, Indiana last night at about 11. We found our room - a spacious room in the French Lick Resort Hotel (not the far fancier and pricier West Baden Springs Resort Hotel). French Lick is known for two things, but only one of them recently. The first is of […]

Ivan in Roughly Five Weeks

The guy on the left came from the David Leadbetter Academy. He spent two months and several, several thousand dollars there. The guy on the right has spent about half the time and about a quarter of the money here in Erie, PA. Go go Stack and Tilt. 😀 Go go Ivan! P.S. Ivan's here […]

Brian Kelley was going to be at the Stack and Tilt school today. He cancelled at the last minute, but Dave's heading to Notre Dame to teach him next week. Who is Brian Kelley? Oh, just the head football coach of Notre Dame. He's replaced the despised-by-everyone Charlie Weis. Stack and Tilt - and Golf […]

I've scheduled my PGA/PGM Qualifying test. I've probably pushed it off too far but it's scheduled for July 15 at 9:00am. I'll travel to Buffalo to do it - the nearest testing facility - and I think it should not be that difficult. But with a deadline set, it'll force me to actually read the […]