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iPhone Pic: Who’s Stach?

Oh, silly FSN and their prepared graphics… But they were right to wonder: who is is better? Fortunately, an even better image came as a result of this game. You'll have to read Pensblog to see the original. And you'll have to have already read Pensblog for a long time to really get it.

I'm really interested in one or the other of the Spider Holster or Cotton Carrier. Their individual pages are at and They're both very similar systems. Here's a video of the Spider Holster:

I'm going to be using my Canon 5D Mark II to build first YouTube videos and eventually a DVD. As such, I found this quick tip to create droplets to convert to Apple's 422 format enlightening. I should probably pick up (rather, have the client pick up) an external hard drive to store all the […]

I never encountered any of the problems he's had - though I have had instances where my images get thumbnails from an entirely different image - but my library is small compared to his (12,500), and I agree with him about "existing bugs that never get fixed." I think camera support has gotten better and […]

JPG Magazine is Back

JPG is back (Issue 20 is now available). They're going all digital with print-on-demand for an extra fee. The stupid site now lists me as a "Subscriber since October 2009," which isn't right at all, but I don't care enough to bother their support people to have it corrected. I took advantage of a special […]

Lightroom 3 Public Beta

On a day when I hear that Aperture 3 will not ship until May, 2010 ((Don't believe it - it's just the far-in-the-distance date of an Aperture book, and not even soft proof of anything except a slip-up or a guess by someone at, Adobe offers up Lightroom 3.0 Public Beta. The download is […]

Einstein 640ws Monolight

I have two Alien Bee 400s, but I may just have to replace them with an Einstein 640ws in early 2010. Rob Galbraith shares more here.

Fuji Instax Instant Camera

Tempting… And a buck a photo seems to be about the standard rate these days, huh? P.S. It's cheaper at Amazon and B&H of course.

iPhone Pic: Pumkins

Near middle Peach Street here in Erie/Millcreek, someone is selling pumpkins for Halloween. Unfortunately, "pumpkins" has two "p"s while every one of their signs has only one. 🙁

Lightroom is pulling farther ahead of Aperture. This comment captures a lot of the reasons why: Five bucks says Aperture 3 — if there even is an Aperture 3 — will be the last major update. Apple's refusal to communicate or fix longstanding bugs is driving away its professional customers. There's no life left in […]

Paying for Pre-Orders?

I ordered a wireless mic set from B&H on August 26. See? After a few days, they sent me a small "quick start guide" ((Think "business card" size after being folded twice.)) to the version 2.0 of the 3.0 product that I'd ordered. I called today to find out what's going on, since I was […]

Cropping a Photo = Lying?

{democracy:60} I voted no, because the very act of taking a photo crops everything else that's visible from the vantage point of the photographer in that instance. If cropping is lying, so too would zooming and virtually everything else done to capture a portion of a 3D world on a 2D sensor or piece of […]

Pre-Ordered a Wireless Mic

I've pre-ordered the Sennheiser ew 100-ENG G3 wireless mic system. I'll be hooking it into my Canon 5D Mark II for some video production I'll be doing in a month or so. I just hope the thing(s) ship soon. B&H has them on what amounts to a pre-order.

Just Over Half a Cent

So, how many can I get for a couple of quarters?

It's true, according to Canon Rumors. If so, I'll have to investigate selling my existing 70-200 to pick up some of the new ones. I love the aperture, the weight doesn't bug me, and I use the lens so often that if there are even some small improvements, it will be worthwhile, particularly in crispness. […]