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For some reason, every time I launch Aperture (latest version), it selects an image from last spring. I dutifully collapse that folder back down, work on other images in other folders (and even other projects), sync to my vault, and yet when I launch Aperture next, it selects and displays that same image, un-collapsing the […]

Photographers as Terrorists

Photographers are Now Terrorists in the U.K.: The laws introduced today allow for the arrest and imprisonment of anyone who takes pictures of police officers that are likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. What is wrong with the people in the U.K. that they'd even let this […]

A Photoblog Comment

As posted on Twitter: "you're photos suck.. no offense, you just throw them out there as if there is any content at all and you fail miserably." I responded via email just to say "Your comment sucks. Guess we're even?" I couldn't resist. But that's beside the point… Criticism like this doesn't bother me at […]

Photo Blog Ratings

Hey, if you've got a moment, do me a favor and stop by the Ratings page at my photoblog, click a few of the "5 Least Rated Images," and rate them by clicking the stars. Thanks.

2009 PMA Canon Rumors

Canon Rumors lists a few things that would interest me (in order of importance): EF 24-70 f/2.7L II IS - I have the current 24-70 and it may be a little soft, and the addition of IS would be handy. More handy than without it, anyway. EF 100-400 f/4-5.6L II IS - I have the […]

Canon’s TC-80N3 Timer Remote

Canon's TC-80N3 is a "Timer Remote Controller" with four features, all of which can be used in any combination: alone or with any two, three, or four settings combined. The features are: Self Timer - Delay before taking an image. Interval Timer - Delay between images. Long Exposure Timer - Set the shutter speed for […]

February 2009 Desktops

I've updated the Desktops page with February's images. Since it's not a leap year, you've got 2-3 less days to get these images than every other month, so grab 'em today. P.S. We were without power from shortly before 7:00am until just after 3:30pm today. Penelec was digging pretty deep around some electrical boxes in […]

Greyscale Image

If you can see each of the shades of grey (black/white) to the right, congratulations: your display is at least moderately well calibrated. Yeah, I've got nothing to say today. Too busy.


U = University DSLR = digital single lens reflex Given that, and the logo you see to the right (which can go either way), which do you like more? Which sounds better (to you)? UDSLR DSLRU Both about the same View Results

Nik Software for Aperture

I've written about it before, but I've finally had a chance to play around with some images using the various plugins available in Nik Software's Complete Collection for Aperture. It's a steal at $299.95! I've spent a little time today watching the many, many, many tutorials available. If you're unsure about the plugins, download them, […]

I'm pretty annoyed right now. How much of that has to do with the Pittsburgh Penguins and how much of has to do with what I'm about to write about, I don't know… A friend of mine just started a photoblog, and I commented that he should include the EXIF information in his photos so […]

JPG Mag Closing Doors

JPG Magazine is closing its doors. The website isn't even going to last a week - it closes January 5, 2008. The last issue I got was issue 19. I'm a paid subscriber through issue 31. Neither the website nor the form letter I got tells me that I'm going to be reimbursed for my […]

I've got a Really Right Stuff camera plate for the Canon 5D for sale. It's the B5D model and I used it all of, oh, about once before replacing it with the L-bracket. Any reasonable offers accepted (ideally within the U.S.).

The Desktops Conundrum

Though the Desktops I offer were initially well-received, they've not exactly been downloaded at a steady clip. Some aren't downloaded at all, and even the "popular" ones have tailed off dramatically. I haven't been promoting them much, and after the initial batch, I only refreshed the listing once. That, no doubt, led to some of […]

Another Strobed Christmas

Yes, like last year, I put the Alien Bee 400s in the living room and took photos of the present-opening. I haven't gone through the images from this year yet, but I should have re-read last year's settings: f/4 at ISO 200. I think most of the shots from this year were at ISO 200 […]