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iPhone Pic: Except Debit Cards

From my friend Aaron, who thought I'd appreciate this image:

UDSLR in Motion

The idea has been rolling around in my head for several years, but now we have a three-person team attacking the idea with ferocity, and UDSLR is set to become a reality. UDSLR is a new site geared towards learning photography. It takes an approach no one has taken before. If you're interested in working […]

Nik Software's Complete Collection, $599 normally, is now available for Aperture only for $299.95. I've been interested in this software for awhile now, but I've yet to try it because I really try to avoid Aperture's handling of editing plugins. This dislike exists in tension with my dislike for Aperture's lack of masking. For example, […]

You know those photos I took of the girls in the "professional" studio (i.e. the playroom/craft room in our house)? Wal-Mart apparently thought they were "professional" enough that they had me sign a copyright form attesting to the fact that, indeed, I took the pictures. Their copyright policy states: In addition, we will not copy […]

Selling Prints Online

Duncan's post about his Zenfolio print store experience (or, rather, a customer's experience) led me to consider setting up a little print store of my own. Zenfolio costs about $40/year for what I'd do. Are there any free stores out there that don't suck? I'm trying to avoid coming to the realization in a year […]

Calibrated Display

I recently purchased a Spyder3 Pro in order to calibrate my two main displays: an aluminum 23" Cinema Display and the 15" LCD on my MacBook Pro. When I launched the installer, I was greeted with a CarbonLib error (in the LaunchCFMApp binary), so to make a long story short, I archived and installed Mac […]

Aperture 3.0 Wishlist

I saw this post at flickr and I've compiled my own wish list, in order of importance, for Aperture 3.0: Non-destructive plugins. Currently I resist using a plugin and creating a 60 MB "second version" of a file just because I want to perform some simple thing Aperture can't do (like #4). Speed improvements, particularly […]

"Effected" vs. "Affected" isn't quite on the same level as "their" vs. "there" (vs. "they're) or "its" vs. "it's," and I suppose I should be happy that they didn't write "your" in this promo: Yes, that's Dr. Phil (and part of the sleeve of my shirt, I think).

iPhone Pic: A Shame to Loose

Good thing this postcard isn't from the Council of Teachers of the English Language.

Printing Photos at Home

How much does it cost - and what equipment is there to buy - in order to print photos at home? I'm not looking to set up a print ship by any means, but if I do this, I'm not looking to print low-quality photos either. My wife scrapbooks and photography is an important part […]

Two Quickie Photography Links

Joe McNally talks at Google, where the audience misses 90% of the jokes and doesn't seem to remember people like Ozzie Smith. I'm only 30 and I feel old. 😛 PhotoSwap, a free photo-sharing app for the iPhone. You take a picture and the software does two things. First, it sends your picture to another […]

I'm looking to start a small local digital photgraphy "club" in the Erie, PA area and am looking for someone to help run the thing. I've got what I think are some good ideas, but for various reasons I don't want to do this by myself. There's a photography club in Erie right now, but […]

A shortened version of the original: Experiment Check the background Hold the camera straight (contrary to #1; can be done in software later) How to hold a camera (carefully! :-)) Get in close Take lots of photos Strive for balance between people, place, things Find a point of interest Rule of thirds (probably not when […]

Crew Picture on Photoblog

My "Crew" picture is on the photoblog today. I don't attribute the success of that image to anything but luck. 😉 But anyway, check it out if you get the chance - and then download a desktop-sized version if you want.

It's not as easy to see as this one, but Burger King will apparently allow you to upgrade from french fries to apple fries for the low, low price of less than 7/10 of a penny. Stop the madness!