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Homeland Season 2

It starts September 30. Yay.

Distance Driving

I need to pay attention to this a little bit. And this:

PDGA Video Rules

That's a nice video from this page on the site. You must maintain and "demonstrate balance" before moving forward of your marker when "putting" (shots within 10m of the basket) in disc golf. Currently Disc Golf rules are much simpler than the Rules of Golf, but the USGA should create some videos like that […]

Discs Online

You'll get absolutely nothing out of this, but I've put my golf discs online. You can view them (for now) at the URL:

The page is here and please click "Like" on the page to like the group.

Smooth for Power

Naturally, the same is true in the golf swing. You want a smooth application of power, not a swing (or throw) that looks like you're trying to muscle it out there.

RHFH and RHBH Throws

Seabas22 has several good videos on his site. I hear he really likes Brinster's form, too. I'm not sure I dig the hop, though. 🙂

Avery Jenkins Highlights

The full article is here: Blake Takkunen's Short Arm Putting. I'm not sure the video above is the best sales tactic if you know what I mean… 😉

I think I'm going to go this route: Blake Takkunen's Short Arm Putting.

Six Disc Golf Putting Tips

DG Course Walkthroughs

These come from the U.S. Masters (DG) and are interesting in that you get to follow one guy around playing the entire round.