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Paintball Resources Online?

I feel weird posting anything else today after my last post… but what's the point of having your organs if you aren't really using 'em? I'm considering getting into paintball. It seems like something I can do not only during the summer but during the winter, too. I'm pretty new to it all, so I'm […]

I Golfed Today!

I played golf today at my country club. They had temporary greens (duh), but I was surprised how little snow there was laying around. Usually that course holds snow longer than just about anywhere else in Erie county. At any rate, I played to the temporary pins. Course played just about as long as usual […]

Last night was the fifth (or sixth, or fourth, or who knows?) weekly pool night at the recently opened "Barzeski Billiards." Brandon and Ben came over at around 6. Brandon left early, but Ben and I hung around and played until 3am or so. The pool table has settled just a bit - or wasn't […]


Well, the guy I wanted to win the tournament didn't win. The trip to and fro was nice, the hotel was great, and there was nothing to do but gamble and watch pool, so the weekend really wasn't as great as I was hoping for. Oh well. P.S. The post title refers to the antics […]

Whisenhunt Stays with Steelers

Ken Whisenhunt showed that he's not only a smart offensive coordinator, but that he's also an all-around smart person. He turned down Al Davis' offer to coach the Raiders. Oakland is a coaching graveyard, and with the Steelers, Ken sees the potential to win, oh, ten or so more Super Bowls in the next ten […]

Super Bowl Fallout

Well, I said it before and I'll say it again: it's odd how incredibly unsatisfied I am with a Steelers Super Bowl victory. It largely boils down to the fact that the playoffs (Cinci, Indy, Denver) were so exciting and the Steelers had their A game only to bring their C/D game to the Super […]

As a lifelong Steelers fan, it's odd how incredibly disappointed I feel after a Super Bowl victory. Neither team brought their A game. Heck, I'd be hard pressed to give Seattle even a B, and Pittsburgh played at least one grade level below them. C+ and C- games, perhaps? To those who want to blame […]

Here We Go

I'm not a big fan of Super Bowl theme songs (by the way, how'd that work out for you, Cincinnati?), but at least the Steelers Super Bowl theme song doesn't suck. Word on the street is that the best the Seahawks can do, however, is "Sweet Shaun Alexander" set to the theme of "Sweet Home […]

Not Too Cool for Pool School

As posted over at Billiards Drills .com, this weekend I'll be taking a class with Tom Simpson, a Master BCA (Billiards Congress of America) Instructor. He's one of ten in the world, making him pretty darn special. I've asked around, and his classes are apparently some of the best money can buy. So, I'm looking […]

West Wing Done in May

Sad but true, according to Judi and the AP. At least now I can plan my budget for the complete series on DVD. I already have seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 (I think). If Judi wants more Josh Malina, she should pick up the Sports Night DVDs. Inexpensive and very good and also from […]

Ben Roethlisberger is now 26-4 as a starter in the NFL. That's an 0.867 winning ratio. If Ben were a baseball team, he'd win 140 games per year. Basically, in a five-man rotation, the first four pitchers would win every game they started, and the fifth pitcher would win a few too! Calling Plummer "Jake […]

Black Dry Erase Board Solution

I may have come up with a solution to my black dry-erase board dilemma. I bought two 18" x 24" pieces of clear plexiglass today (two in case I mess one up). I found some 8/32" two-way screws, which is the right size for standard cabinet door pulls. So, I'll put the screws 16" apart […]

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat both the Blue & White and the Black & White on Sunday in a nail-biter that should have spared the nails of thousands. Perhaps the Zebras felt they had to protect their equine pals. Let me count the most obnoxious of the "calls" (or non-calls) made by the men in stripes: […]

We Dey

The Bengals suddenly morphed into the Bungles once again. Their division crown was won through the second rung (better division record) as the 11-5 Steelers came back from a first-half deficit (something they've yet to do this year) to win convincingly, 31-17. Ben Roethlisberger, he of the 63-or-so QB rating in two playoff games last […]

The Island

Carey and I watched The Island last night. Well, I did, and Carey fell asleep as usual. It was her NetFlix movie, too! I liked the movie. It had a deeper edge to it than I was expecting, with a few subtle layers. The plot was rather simple, and some of the characters weren't fully […]