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Golf Blog – Writers Wanted

I'm interested in starting up a golf blog. The only existing (from what I can tell) one has no RSS feed, is rarely updated, and sees very little traffic (based on the comments). I've inquired with the owners and authors if they might like to do more, and I can await a response for only […]

How I Score My Golf

When I golf, I always keep my own scorecard. I keep track of more than just the score, though, by documenting every shot so that I can later translate the results into a cohesive whole. This guides my practice, my focus, my swing thoughts, and course management in later rounds. Pars result from one good […]

Golf at Emerald Dunes

Today I played at Emerald Dunes, a widely revered course that features an American linksy design (by Tom Fazio). Rated as one of the "Top 100 You Can Play" in the US by Golf Magazine, I played after 2pm during the summer for $40. The course features a "SuperDune" on which you'll find three tees, […]

Delray Beach Golf Club

I took some time today to play the closest thing to "my home track" as I could consider (I've played it five times, instead of the one time I've played other courses), Delray Beach Golf Club. I struck the ball solidly most of the day but had a lame day putting and a lamer day […]

So, Hal Sutton chose Jay Haas and Stewart Cink. They finished 37th and 17th, respectively, in the PGA Championship. Stewart Cink I'm not too happy about, but I can't think of anyone I could justify using before him. He's a lowly 52nd in driving distance but 152nd in accuracy. If you want to put pressure […]

Today I played eighteen at the Wellington Golf and Country Club. It was my first day with the 983K, and I was eager to let it flex its muscles. More importantly, I wanted to continue to shore up my game. I've been striking the ball well, but scattering shots left, right, short, long… that needed […]

I've got my tickets to see R.E.M. in Duquesne University's A.J. Palumbo Center on November 7. Yes, apparently this means I'll be going to PA in early November as well as mid-September, but the timing works out well: I might be moving back later that month, it's a month and a half after the last […]

The Links at Madison Green

I was bored today and didn't feel like going shooting, so I headed out to The Links at Madison Green for a quick 18 holes of golf. The site intrigued me - none of the others in Palm Beach County were nearly as good - and the course looked interesting - a hilly, narrow, watery, […]

Golf Ball Prices

Golf ball prices have never been cheap. I used to play the Titleist DT line - back when the DT was a wound, liquid-center ball with a surlyn cover - because a dozen only set me back $19.99 on sale, or $24.99 in a pinch. That price compared favorably to the Titleist Professional or the […]

Golf Blisters

I went to the driving range to hit some golf balls today. I've gotta build up my blisters (and later, calluses), after all. I slowed down my swing a little bit and checked the massive slide forward I was making with my hips. "Turn, don't slide" got me to a nice, soft, high fade. Most […]


Well, it turns out that all I had to do was reverse the throttle control on my radio to get the Storm to go forward. So, I did that, and José and I headed out to the hockey rink to finish breaking in the Storm. I hadn't planned on actually breaking the Storm. We got […]

GS Racing Storm

So now I've got a GS Racing Storm R/C car. Justin and I had a bit of an adventure last night getting it turned on, but I' think I've got a grasp of the mechanics now. For my own future knowledge: glow plugs get really freakin' hot really freakin' fast. The car, in idle, burns […]

Building a Helicopter

So I'm trying to build this R/C helicopter, and let me tell you, it's one helluva bitch. It's got screws all over the place, and none of them are marked. The "manual" is a big book full of bad pictures that hardly do enough to illustrate the procedure necessary. It's a wonder even seasoned people […]

My Raptor

Not one to wait, I jumped in and ordered my Raptor 30 v2 today. Here's the damage: Raptor 30 v2 (49 Ball Bearings) Kit w/ OS.32 SX-H Motor and Muffler $399.99 ProPod Training Gear 59.99 Sportsman Flight Set 299.99 Crash Kit 59.99 Futaba 9C PCM Radio w/servos 519.99 Futaba 401 Gyro Kit w/servo 189.99 KSG […]