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Discraft Putting Tips

Disc Golf Off Axis Torque

Dyeing a Disc

There are some pretty amazing and intricate golf discs out there. People add their own crazy artwork and stuff to the discs. Apparently it's not too difficult (with the exception of needing artistic talent) to dye discs: I'm good with the stock ones for now. 🙂

There's a 40:00 version out there with Dave Feldberg, but it seems to move around a little. I think it's on Vimeo now.

Disc Golf?

Anyone know anything about disc golf? It seems like a reasonably inexpensive, fun little thing to do. We played nine holes down here in Kiawah Island and had a blast. We would have had more fun if we had figured out how to "draw" the discs (curving right with a right-handed throw, which I realize […]

Running Streak Ends

My running streak came to an end. I was running at least a mile a day for as long as I could so long as the reason I missed was not laziness. Well, I didn't miss a day's run out of laziness. I probably burned twice as many calories today as most days when I […]

The Newsroom

Sorkin. I'm in. Might even order HBO for it. 😛

Sports Blackouts

Good piece by Gedeon called "Why Won't TV Sports Blackouts Just Die Already?" I haven't had a game I've wanted to see blacked out in years, but I only care about Pittsburgh sports (no basketball) and rarely get the chance - or have the interest for the past 20 years - in watching the Pirates.