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The Stanley Cup finals are over and the Penguins came up on the short end. They simply couldn't score enough goals or defeat the "I thought that type of hockey was made illegal after the lockout" obstruction thrown up by the wrinkly, grey-haired Detroit Red Wings. Hossa wants to stay, and a lot of other […]

Summertime TV

I watch a bit less television than the average American over the fall/winter/spring months. Very little of it is reality (except Amazing Race) television - I tend to go for shows like How I Met Your Mother (comedy) or the occasional drama (House). The wife's usually asleep by 9pm anyway, so I read and watch […]

My Kid Could Paint That

Carey and I just watched "My Kid Could Paint That" and I've got to admit I'm pretty skeptical. Even "Ocean," the painting Marla Olmstead is seen painting end to end in a DVD, looks little like most of her other paintings. Who knows? It's an interesting movie, and I think others should watch it. If […]

Whispering Woods, one of the two courses to which I belong, placed third earlier today in the EDGA's Interclub tournament. My score acted as a tie-breaker to edge out Kahkwa, as we both had 399 totals. I played like crap and really need to put my swing on video to eliminate the one or two […]

Penguins vs. Flyers

The Pittsburgh Penguins knocked off the whiny, whiny Rangers in five games and in overtime today, and will now face the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers, last year's worst team, deserve credit for making the Eastern Conference finals, but I suspect that's about as far as they'll get - the Pens are the better team at […]

GTA (not) IV (me)

I have absolutely no plans to buy the game. None. It interests me about as much as a swift kick to the groin (or most of the other things you can do to other people in the game). I don't care to reward people for making glitzier versions of games that lack much merit, and […]

Mario Kart Wii

My Wii Code is still online. My Mario Kart code is 3179-6464-7813. Tomorrow, I'll be picking up my copy of Mario Kart for the Wii. I'll spend a fair amount of time playing single player games, but I'd like to play some friends too. If you're a friend, let me know. Comment, email, IM, or […]

The downside to sweeping an opponent? Waiting for the next opponent. Pens fans were pretty confident they'd play the Rangers, but the way the playoffs are going, who knows. I tuned the Bruins-Habs game on with about 8:30 left in the third. The score was 3-2. Within the next six minutes, four goals had been […]

Today concluded perhaps the most boring Masters tournament I've ever seen. Last year at least the lead changed hands several times. This year, the way they've set up the course and the winds prevented anyone from making a charge. Winning the Masters by three with a final-round 75? Zzzzzzzzzzz. Thankfully the Pens play tomorrow, and […]

R.E.M.’s Accelerate

I've been a bit busy lately, so I haven't had the chance to listen to R.E.M.'s latest album, Accelerate. I finally managed the time to give it a dedicated listen, and I'm impressed. I've been an R.E.M. fan since long before they became popular, and I've remained one after their popularity has faded. This album […]

Today the Pittsburgh Penguins won (over the Rangers) 3-1 to step to the top of the Eastern conference. Woo! Today the Penguins of Erie's D League fell to a third-period comeback by the Blades, losing 2-1. The Blades, who began the season 1-11, are now playing in the championship game and will finish the season […]

Traveling to North Carolina

I'm on my way to North Carolina today to visit a friend, play some golf, take some photographs, and relax a little. Update: Pfffft. The weather Friday was fine, but the other days we didn't even play golf. 40°! I could get that in Erie. Or warmer.

C’mon Spring

Spring is late in coming this year. I've played golf in March before… this year it's looking mid-April will be the earliest I'll really get out.

I Am Legend?

I usually agree with Rotten Tomatoes. I Am Legend got a 68%. Perhaps their math library's not working and the decimal was misplaced, because that's all I can figure. The plot was horrible, disconnected, and incoherent (I'd list examples, but every time I think about it I come up with several new ones, so I'm […]

Got a Neck Guard

Needless to say, I went out and bought a neck guard today. What's most incredible is how lightly he seems to have been struck by the skate. It wasn't a slicing motion and it wasn't even firm enough to push his head or neck backwards. Another video can be found here.