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Dan Gillmor talks about the impact NeXT has had on Mac OS X in this Silicon Valley .com article. This part stuck out as I read it: NeXT's technology was also way ahead of its time in the tools it offered developers. Programmers could assemble applications with relative ease, using powerful building blocks that were […]

OO Ohhhhh!!!

Object-Oriented Programming. OOP. Flip it around and you've got poo, which Justin Williams seems to think OOP is at this point. In his words, he doesn't get it. I've met people who "get" things quickly and I've met people who struggle with things at first. Neither kind of person is stupid. Oftentimes, the second person […]


Kuro5hin talks about iterators - C++, Java, etc. I didn't find any mention of Objective-C or Cocoa on the page, but I'd like to point out that the Cocoa frameworks have some pretty nice iterators and reverse iterators called "enumerators." Combined with some of the other methods, like componentsSeparatedByString: and so on, Cocoa's enumerators are […]

Freshly Squeezed Software is seeking a new graphics/icon artist for one or two upcoming projects. Ideally, we'd like to hire an up-and-coming icon artist: we get icons for less dough, they get one of their first clients for their portfolio. The app in question is shown to the right - and that's about all I […]

Bookie 1.1

Bookie 1.1 is now available. This free update adds support for Chimera, Omn, and Mozilla, adding on to the previous Safari support. Heck, the only browser we don't really support at this point is Internet Explorer. And iCab. And Opera. And Lynx. And CyberDog. No wait, we support the last one… 🙂 The next challenge […]

The most you can lose to this Bookie is $8. Pursuant to a quick conversation some people had on this site, Bookie is a Rendezvous bookmark application. This is my blog, and I don't feel like being all preachy here, nor do I want to sell ice cream cones to eskimos or anything, so I'll […]

Charles Connel uses an article entitled "All Source Code Should Be Open" to put in his bid for "Idiot of the Year" as far as I'm concerned. This article illustrates such a tremendous lack of understanding, lack of thought, and lack of the most common forms of common sense that the author should be open […]