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My YouTube Account is Soiled

Over the course of a four days I received two copyright notices regarding some of the videos on my YouTube page. One was a message telling me that if I did not respond and consider removing a few videos, they may file copyright claims against them. I responded, pointing out that I believe the videos […]


Amazing (if true, and it seems to be):

A really nice job that shows off the fact that a feeling I've had for awhile now is true - that the online Apple Store is getting super-cluttered. Worth checking out, along with this post about Google Maps. Gonna have to subscribe to the blog.

A friend of mine likes his iPhone. Loves it, really. Wants to use it all the time. Unfortunately, he has terrible cell reception in his house. He gets good reception when he's out. Simple question, hopefully with a simple answer: is there a solution out there that will give him VOIP calling and answering of […]

Speaking of viruses, there's new evidence to support the idea that schizophrenia is caused by a virus. I love this stuff. Fascinating. It shows how much we still have to learn about the human body and the world in which we live.

Viruses as Weapons

Fascinating stuff. And Microsoft estimates it took 10,000 man days of labor to create ((There's no truth to the rumor that Apple responded by saying "Yeah, but engineers as smart as ours could do it in 500.))? That's over 27 years.

Tik-Tok Watch Band for iPod Nano

Awesome. Check it out - watch bands for the iPod Nano. But how long does the iPod Nano battery last if you always want it in watch mode? Isn't it a bit annoying to have to click to turn the watch on, or do current nanos let you leave the clock on 24/7? P.S. Clock […]

I echo a lot of the sentiments shared in this post. The Kindle is far and away a better "reading" machine than the iPad. Still, for the things I blow through quickly - magazines - I'd love to get an iPad. I've said it since the iPad was announced. Disappointingly, there's been no movement on […]

Netflix Everywhere

I just realized that I have more devices in my house capable of playing content from Netflix (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, two iPhones, four computers) than I have: Working keyboards (ADB or USB). Firewire devices attached to any and all Macs. Books I'm currently in the middle of reading (around six). Eggs in the refrigerator. […]

Homemade Spacecraft

Wow. Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

Grrrrrr. We finally have software (on Mac OS X) that can play back and analyze golf swings with videos in portrait orientation (which makes sense for golf) and I discover that the otherwise venerable Casio FH-25 can't or won't rotate video - it doesn't set the "rotated" flag in the video file so that playback […]

How many pages of applications are on your iPhone? How many folders do you have and how many apps are just hanging out on their own? I have only two pages. As you would read, I have (italics = folders): Calendar, Clock, Notes, Maps Calculator, Games, Entertainment, Compass Sports, Social, Photography, Settings Weather, WeatherBug, TWC, […]

Apple to Buy Netflix?

Hacking Netflix thinks so. I, however, do not.

Grace Hopper on Letterman

When discussing the first computer - the Mark I at Harvard - a funny exchange: Letterman: How did you know so much about computers then?" Hopper: I didn't. It was the first one.

Netflix on iPhone

I've been playing with it off and on, and I've gotta say I'm impressed. Over 3G I experience no buffering issues, good sound quality, and an incredibly impressive resolution. These are still frames, so they're going to look blockier than things look in motion, but I still think they're impressively detailed: