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Methods for Inexpensive Airline Tickets?

What are the best ways to score the least expensive airline tickets?

For example, if I fly to San Diego from Erie, PA on April 11 and want to return on April 15, when should I buy the tickets? What day, using what methods?

I know to spoof a Windows browser. I've heard that. How far out do you buy them? Wait until the week before, or get them well in advance? Does the day of the week matter (the days I'm flying can't really be changed, though I could come back on a Tuesday instead of a Monday if it's going to save enough money).

New Physical Flight Contender Bag

Sharing on Dropbox

Good stuff: The right way to share a file or bunch of files using Dropbox. I happened to know all of this, and use Dropbox fairly extensively, but it's a short read and you may learn something.

Dropbox would really do well to add some sort of ability to let people SEE the contents, use them, copy them, etc., but only allow certain people ADD or DELETE contents. That'd be nice.

It's really annoying when you're part of a shared folder and someone deletes all the files because they drag them to a different location on their computer.

The NHL Should Switch to Three-Point Games

Much more is written about this here, but basically:

Regulation Time Win: 3 Points
Overtime/Shootout Win: 2 Points
Overtime/Shootout Loss: 1 Point
Regulation Time Loss: 0 Points

DO IT! 🙂

Master Pickpocket at Work

Holy cow. This makes Parker on Leverage look small time.

Pebbles are Shipping

Pebbles are shipping! And here's the review from The Verge. I don't know when my two will ship (I have an arctic white and a jet black coming), but I hope they ship soon. 🙂

Alternative Browsers

BTW, since I mentioned Safari yesterday, I've looked at other browsers that still exist for Mac OS X. I'm hoping the comments can fill with others.

Of course, many people know about OmniWeb. Camino is still around, as is, oddly, iCab.

Those are the first three that sprang to mind, but I imagine there are others out there. Share them in the comments.

Don Melton on Safari

I've been enjoying Don Melton's posts lately.

For example: Keeping Safari a secret and Safari is released to the world.

Good gosh Safari is old. I'm old. Wow.

Separating an Egg Yolk


Courier Prime is Free

I love me some free fonts. And I don't care if it's made for screenplays. 🙂

How Apple Sets Prices

This Macworld article was interesting, though long-time Apple folks knew most of it. In short: there's simply very little margin for discounting on Apple products.

The company supplements its tiny wholesale discounts to resellers with more substantial monetary incentives that are available only if those resellers advertise its products at or above a certain price, called the “minimum advertised price” (MAP). This arrangement enables retailers to make more money per sale, but it prevents them from offering customers significant discounts, resulting in the nearly homogeneous Apple pricing we are used to.

Aaron Swartz, RIP

I believe I met Aaron at WWDC in 2001 at a lunch table with my friend John, though it may have been 2000. He was about 14 at the time, if the fuzzy math is correct, and now he's 26 and dead, having committed suicide under the pressure of the U.S. Government's case against him for "freeing" information held in JSTOR.

I talked with Aaron only a few times in my years, and he posted on this blog in response to a post I made about him exactly nine years ago to the day. Coincidentally, it was on the topic of "free information" (books). I still disagree with him, but the world will miss having someone to argue the other side.

Child of the 90s

I won't be using Internet Explorer any time soon, but the ad was fun.

Paris Worth a Gram?

Is Paris worth a mass?

Interesting article. It's always amused me that our official "things" are oftentimes actual units. Some have been changed over the years to be things that you can measure, but many - like the kilogram - are actual weights sitting there somewhere.

And yet, it's gained weight. Or lost it.

No matter though - a kilogram is also a liter of pure water at sea level. So we can always go back to that, relegating the lump in Paris to a museum artifact.

Elaine King has Good Tips

Some good disc golf tips by Elaine King.