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Battery Life in Mac OS X 10.8.2

Good news all around - battery life in Mac OS X 10.8.2 seems to have been restored to its former glory (or close enough).

Homeland Season 2

It starts September 30. Yay.

Buying an iPhone 5 in England

My next upgrade to the iPhone 4S is in May or something, but I'm wondering if I was able to buy an iPhone 5 in England if that would "work" for me. The phone(s) are the same (I have AT&T service), right? I'd get the wrong kind of plug, but that would be easily remedied.

I'm just thinking that in England they don't sell phones on contract, right? So I could just pick up an iPhone, yes? No? What do iPhones cost in the UK?

Edit: Never mind. I'm an idiot. 🙂 Of course I can buy an iPhone, but it'll cost me like three billion dollars.

Distance Driving

Sidekick EOL?

Is Sidekick under any development at all?

If not, is there a replacement for it?

I have an assigned IP address at home, a different background photo at work, and a few other changes I like to make, and Sidekick worked well to do those things (sometimes it simply failed, but I could change them all by selecting the location from the menu widget).

So what's the story?

9 On the Microwave

I found this xkcd cartoon hilarious.

To enter in 1:30 I'll often (almost always) type "90." I also like multiples of nine, so I often type 36, 45, 54, or 63 instead of the more normal versions (30, 60). Sometimes I even put in 99 because it's more efficient - I don't have to move my finger to hit the 0. 🙂

90 is one fewer "keystroke" than 130! 🙂

Anyway, the 9 is not lonely on my microwave.

Rich People Think Differently

Here are 21 ways!

Going to the UK, Need a Power Adapter

So I'm going to the UK (Scotland) in a month or so and need a power adapter plug. I'll only be taking a few electronics - my MacBook Air (45W power brick, can take 240V) and maybe my battery charger for my camera.

What should I get? I believe I can get away with just an adapter, and don't need a converter, but which one? I don't need all of Europe - I'm just going to Scotland - but there are many choices on Amazon.

Anyone done any travel and can recommend something? Your help is appreciated.


New Kindles

Dave’s Grip Tips, Closed Shoulder Drill

I need to pay attention to this a little bit.

And this:

PDGA Video Rules

That's a nice video from this page on the site. You must maintain and "demonstrate balance" before moving forward of your marker when "putting" (shots within 10m of the basket) in disc golf.

Currently Disc Golf rules are much simpler than the Rules of Golf, but the USGA should create some videos like that one (maybe a bit less cheesy, but informative just the same). That'd be a swell idea. 😉


Anyone looking for a really belated birthday present for me? 🙂

I'll take one of these:

And one of these:

Thanks! 😀

Everything is a Remix

Here's the video on the TED site.

P.S. I knew this was something I'd seen before. Duh. Here's the first of four parts on Vimeo.

Bad Lip Reading

There are more such videos here.

Aperture Hang on Launch

Intermittently I get an issue with Aperture (3.3.2) hanging on launch. The cause? A bad symlink within the application bundle. It typically fails with a 8/27/12 11:20:33.797 am Aperture[31820]: *** -[NSURL initFileURLWithPath:]: nil string parameter and I remember an Adium beta failed similarly.

I'll chalk this up to bit rot at files copied over from my previous Mac Pro, BUT it's happened at least twice with Aperture, and so I keep the 3.3.2 updater around as well as a copy of 3.3.1.