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Expert in a Year Q&A

Another Feldberg Putting Video

Pro Mini Golf

TT Like a Boss

Flaming Balls of Ping (Pong)

Where can I get some of those flaming balls? 😛

Basic Table Tennis Stuff

Strokes & Techniques - YouTube How to Play the Basic Strokes - Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Advanced Players Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong Table Tennis Basic Techniques Basic Footwork Videos China National Team video drills Table Tennis Drills

Samson Dubina

A table tennis player (he won the Erie Table Tennis tournament last year, I guess) has a DVD out: Products | Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy. It's called "International Table Tennis Skills DVD." It's… okay. He lives in Akron, OH. I'm playing when I can Thursdays and Saturdays at Erie Table Tennis Club. It's just […]

Table Tennis Forums

There seem to be only two: OOAK Table Tennis Forum and Alex Table Tennis - MyTableTennis.NET Forum (the home page of which doesn't even look like a forum).

Underappreciated Movies of 2014

Best Movies Off the Radar 2014 - Rotten Tomatoes Alan Partridge and Under the Skin looks like about the only ones I'd really want to see…

Falkenberg Drill

I'm getting into table tennis a little bit… The Falkenberg Drill and Why You Should Be Doing It Why the Falkenberg Drill is Awesome I love the Falkenberg drill. It's an absolute classic! Here are a few reasons why it's so good and why you should be doing it. It has big movements - The […]

Gruber/Benjamin Bond Anthology

The Talk Show Bond Anthology Six Colors: James Bond will return in 'Spectre'

10 Things I Believe About Baseball Without Evidence Let me say that again: statistical analysis (that we in the public are aware of) takes the most important element of the sport, and ignores it. It's like having Newtonian physics without relativity and quantum mechanics. There's a lot you can do with Newtonian physics, but at […]

Embedding is disabled, but you can view it here: Billy Crystal's Emmy Awards 2014 Tribute to Robin Williams. Better late than never. Here's one I can embed: For once, the related videos actually apply…

Sports Night, an Oral History

'Sports Night': An oral history, starring Aaron Sorkin and his cast Yes please!

Gone Girl

Boring. Don't bother to see it if you've heard about the plot. Seriously, not one interesting part. And some seriously fucked up people. Who stays with that woman in the end? And why was the woman like that at all? You can't relate to either of the main characters. Or even the sister. The only […]

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