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I can move my knee well outside of my toes and lift my big toe up farther than 45°. Can you (even if you have no plans to run at all)?

GT Rebound and a New Bike

My wife is looking at buying a new bike. Her current one is a heavy GT model from Dick's Sporting Goods, and she's just about fed up with it. She's leaning towards the Trek 7.3. It's a "hybrid" but more of a road bike than anything, with thin tires and relatively low weight so she […]

Malkin’s Coast to Coast Goal

This helped to make my afternoon quite fun. Malkin's second of three goals (for a hat trick) in an 8-1 Penguins victory.

Bob Dzuricky Cues

Someone just joined The Sand Trap yesterday and it was apparent from his name and avatar that he was an avid pool player. Our game room (pool room) has been a bit of a mess for a year, but we're cleaning it up this month, repairing a small section of drywall, and will begin using […]

R.E.M. Fanclub Closed

My subscription to R.E.M.'s fan club has always been up for renewal around Thanksgiving, which is a dangerous time if you want to get the "Christmas single" package that makes the fan club worth the $10 all alone (or more). This year I got the package and noticed my renewal date had passed, so I […]

Favorite Bad TV Shows?

Carey likes to watch a bunch of horrible TV shows: Teen Mom Millionaire Matchmaker 16 and Pregnant Housewives of Wherever Survivor 😉 I don't know if I watch any totally lousy shows like that, but I did watch Ringer and Hart of Dixie for a few episodes, so I'm sure she'd include those in my […]

Fall TV Shows You Like?

Anyone got any new TV shows they like? For example, I currently have eight old episodes of Prime Suspect. Can't make myself watch them. I've heard good things, but… I'm getting tired of watching House. Every week it's the same: six or eight missed diagnoses and then magically as the patient is nearly dead, the […]

Sidney Crosby’s Return

Oh my. 2+2, 1st star of the game, 5-0.

Dexter’s American Gothic

I love it when directors or cinematographers or whomever do things like this. I always wonder how many of these types of things I've missed, too:

Now I can delete the screenshots I've had on my computer for a few months. Saved DVDs Foodfight! The Tree of Life Women

Entourage’s Final Season

I've missed it. D'oh. I'll have to buy it in iTunes or something. I hear the ending is lousy and there may or may not be a movie. Pffffft. Oh, that reminds me, too. Dexter has probably started up already too.

I’m Score GIF

West Wing Summer Marathon

I've decided that, while I work, this summer I'm going to watch the entire series of West Wing ((Or at least up until the point at which Aaron Sorkin left the show and it started to suck.)) in a row. I may follow that up with Sports Night. We shall see. 😉

Nuun Tablets

Has anyone tried Nuun tablets? They're quite tasty.