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One of the better "driving" videos out there if you can ignore the rampant "all" and "none" over-use.

Ellen DeGeneres' 'Nemo' sequel, 'Finding Dory,' set for 2015 Finding Dory? Really? Hmmmmm…

Footee – Soccer and Golf

Yes please!

Best Trail Running Shoes of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2012 Oooooooooh. I wear TRUE shoes everywhere, but these might be nice for wearing around the house or something…

Now I can! MLB Opens Its Vault to Destroy Your Productivity

Brooks PureDrift Shoe Review

The takeaway: In conclusion, Brooks has a shoe with a great deal of potential in the PureDrift. The first incarnation has some shortcomings that I was able to remedy with an insole swap, but I think only some minor tweaks would be required to take this shoe to another level in future incarnations. I’d redesign […]

Elaine King has Good Tips

Some good disc golf tips by Elaine King.

Fringe Ends in January

Bah. I suppose I knew this was coming, I think I'd read about it, but dangit - it's one of the best Sci-Fi shows since the X-Files (and by that I mean the X-Files before that series turned to poo).

Wii U

Is there any compelling reason to get a Wii U? Any "console maker" games? Our Wii hasn't seen much action lately (like in a year or two), while the Kinect sees regular action, but it's also been overheating or something as it will freeze sometimes after boot-up, so it could also be considered an "updated […]

Top NHL Plays 2011-2012

Earlier this evening myself, Mike Mirth, Brandon Smith, and Jay went to the North East Township monthly meeting to propose that we be allowed to put baskets and tee markers in for a nine-hole disc golf course at the North East Township Conservation Park (a.k.a. 20 Mile Creek Park). The meeting went well, and I […]

10 Greatest Sit-Coms Ever?

So they say… In reverse order: 10. Bewitched 9. NewsRadio 8. Soap 7. Cheers 6. Dharma and Greg 5. The Andy Griffith Show 4. Seinfeld 3. The Big Bang Theory 2. The Beverly Hillbillies 1. WKRP in Cincinnati Dharma and Greg? Really? And Seinfeld in fourth? What's missing from this list? What would you add […]

Setting up a Non-Profit?

I'm beginning to make some headway in getting disc golf course(s) built in Erie, PA (the county, not the city itself :D). Soon I'll be soliciting donations from area businesses and individuals. The first step is, I imagine, to set up a local checking account, probably as a "DBA" account with something like "Erie Disc […]

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