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iPhone -> Kid’s iPod Touch That's the plan. The kiddo has already bought her case - an Otterbox one. But the question remains: how do I "best" do this? Ideally I'd like to preserve the games that we've already purchased (my wife and I have separate iTunes accounts, of course), but if that can't be done, we'll just have […]

iOS 5 First Impressions

Related to iOS 5 (i.e. iCloud): It took about 45 minutes for the phone itself to update. The wireless, delta changes will go much more smoothly… one would hope. iCloud was down for quite awhile. I was told after finally semi-converting to wait a "few" hours, then "about an hour," and then I was able […]

iPhone 4S are Shipping

The iPhones have shipped. Carey's getting a 16 GB white iPhone and I have a 64 GB black one on the way. I still haven't decided on a case, but I note that you can create your own Speck case at Tempting… that or I'll just get the lime green bumper and be done […]


First, why isn't it "Qwixter"? Second, I get the "price adjustment." It makes sense, and though I've dropped DVDs by mail (regrettably - I simply never had the time to watch them when I had them), I retained the streaming. The creation of Qwikster virtually guarantees I will not ever sign up for both services […]

iPhone 5 Due Date?

Carey and I are both eligible for an upgrade (she has a 3G, I have a 3GS) in early July and August of this year. We'd like to upgrade. Thing is, we don't want to upgrade if the iPhone 5 is coming out by the end of the year. If it's a 2012 product, that's […]

Einstein was Right Again

Love it! Put a spinning gyroscope into orbit around the Earth, with the spin axis pointed toward some distant star as a fixed reference point. Free from external forces, the gyroscope's axis should continue pointing at the star--forever. But if space is twisted, the direction of the gyroscope's axis should drift over time. By noting […]

The higher gas prices go, the more and more and more I am seriously considering a hybrid for my next car in a few years. But where are they? Honda has a few, but not in the CR-V. Why not? It's not because only small cars are good hybrids - Toyota makes a Highlander hybrid […]

White iPhone 4

Why bother? Then again, people will buy. I'm not up for an upgrade for several months. So I'll just wait for iPhone 5. I'd buy a bright green phone. Can we do that, Apple? Custom colored phones?

Apple’s TV Plans

An iPad, but larger. You get a free "remote" which is like an iPod Touch - maybe it even is an iPod Touch - which just mirrors the on-screen display when it's showing screens of apps and which shows remote control functions when content is playing. But will they do it? Nah. Not for awhile […]

Skin Gun

Yeah, science. What's it ever done for anyone?

Cell Phone Spam

I probably knew about Internet-to-cell-phone spam before this article from David Pogue - or maybe I read it in 2008 - but after getting my second text message spam in about seven weeks, I did some research. On AT&T, will do it for you. One note though - your regular AT&T Wireless login information […]

My YouTube Account is Soiled

Over the course of a four days I received two copyright notices regarding some of the videos on my YouTube page. One was a message telling me that if I did not respond and consider removing a few videos, they may file copyright claims against them. I responded, pointing out that I believe the videos […]


Amazing (if true, and it seems to be):

A really nice job that shows off the fact that a feeling I've had for awhile now is true - that the online Apple Store is getting super-cluttered. Worth checking out, along with this post about Google Maps. Gonna have to subscribe to the blog.

A friend of mine likes his iPhone. Loves it, really. Wants to use it all the time. Unfortunately, he has terrible cell reception in his house. He gets good reception when he's out. Simple question, hopefully with a simple answer: is there a solution out there that will give him VOIP calling and answering of […]

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