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Xbox Kinect

I need help being ready the next time my significant other won't listen.

Vimeo Plus

My Vimeo Plus membership is about to expire. For $59, I can't see myself renewing. Heck, at $29 I'm not sure I'd renew. Like it or not, YouTube has won. It's free, has HD, embeds, and has just enough privacy controls (Vimeo lets you control on which sites your videos can be embedded, YouTube does […]

Every instance - every single one - of the ligatures in the book "Unplayable: An Inside Account of Tiger's Most Tumultuous Season" for my Kindle has an issue with ligatures. Most commonly this is "fl" - lowercase "F" and an "L" character next to each other (or "fi" - "F" and "I"). As you can […]

It almost never fails - when I'm uploading a lot of files (typically I see this when I'm uploading a vBulletin update) - my server will eventually boot me out and refuse to connect for 10 to 15 minutes (or longer). Nobody's ever been able to give me a reason why or tell me how […]

Services for the iPhone?

Yes, please. Every app with a text field should be able to email, tweet, blog, print, transmute, translate, and read aloud the current selection. Every app with an image view should be able to rotate, crop, set as wallpaper, save to Dropbox, post to Flickr, and upload to an SFTP server. Of course no single […]

Lexus LFA

Mmmmmmmmm. OK. Only $400k and coming in 2012, though? I configured my own and it let me download a JPEG… but the JPEG wasn't even large enough to use as a desktop picture (wallpaper).

DirecTV Whole Home

I read about DirecTV's Whole Home service today and excitedly logged in to my account to upgrade. I quickly saw that the button to upgrade was not listed as available, but took heart in the "please call to activate" text. Turns out that my two HD DVRs with ethernet (both of which are connected to […]

V Lock

You know that feeling you get when you see an invention and think "Why didn't I think of that?" The V Lock is one of those ideas. Car keys that just contain a memory chip and sit inside what amounts to a digital card reader with an "On" button nearby are another. The latter, however, […]

With Casio's EX-F1 jumping $300 to $999, the EX-FH25 is looking pretty enticing. The stat that matters most to me is 240 FPS recording at 448 x 336 and 120 FPS at 640 x 480 are some nice numbers, particularly when you consider the fact that you can set the shutter speed to 1/2000 second […]

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car. 100 miles on a single charge isn't bad. The price ($30k) isn't bad. The fact that you need to have a charging station installed in your home may put some people off. But the thing with electric cars is this: you still get your energy somewhere. Batteries still have to […]

Casio’s EX-F1 Jumps $300?

For a few months now, Casio's EX-F1 camera - a camera which shoots pretty reasonably sized video at 300 FPS - was selling for $699. Now it's jumped back up to $999 for seemingly no reason. What's up with that? Is a replacement coming? Have they stopped producing the camera?

Seriously, wasn't that supposed to be available by now? Look, I don't really have a problem with AT&T. I don't have dropped calls, 3G coverage is pretty good in my area (probably because not many people have iPhones - Erie isn't NYC, after all), and the rates they bill seem to be in line with […]

Kindle for the Mac

I've been beta testing, but my NDA is up and Kindle for the Mac will be available shortly. Finally. It's a rudimentary app that does what it does - display books - fairly well, and nothing more. The text controls include sizing and width of the page - I like one size up from the […]

Flummox the Plane

Toby Ziegler: "We're flying in a Lockheed Eagle Series L-1011. Came off the line twenty months ago. Carries a Sim-5 transponder tracking system, and you're telling me I can still flummox this thing with something I bought at Radio Shack?" Everyone knows that "rule" is just to prevent people from yapping on their cell phones […]

Carey was talked into getting a "MyFrogz" case for her iPhone awhile back, and I liked it, so I picked up a yellow/black (Let's Go Pens!) recently as well. It does what I need - protects the back of the case from scratches and provides a bit of grip as well. I used to have […]

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