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Archive for May, 2003

Holy freaking cow man. Ruben in the bottom two? Josh safe entirely? As Nick said W T F ??? Josh was so clearly the suckiest last week that I can't understand. Nick says apathy - people think Ruben is safe so they don't vote. It's toll-free people! Trenyce was bottom two, yes, but Josh was […]

iTunes 4: Green Notes

Anyone else think it's interesting that the iTunes 4 icon features green notes? Green is the "color of money" (in the US). Apple gives us some green and expects users will give some back. The original iTunes icon - someone correct me if I'm wrong - had blue, pink, and purple icons. iTunes 2 had […]

ITMS: The Little Things

A lot of people's near-instantaneous reaction to the iTunes Music Store may be somewhat negative - a list of things they want, should be improved, etc. Give people something awesome and within five minutes you can be convinced it's shit. Not many really think that - the iTunes Music Store is effectively a 1.0 release, […]