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Archive for May, 2003

OneWord: Smooch

Smooch is what you do with someone you like. Wooo baby! Death to Smoochie was supposedly a very bad, bad movie, but I like Edward Norton. I need to rent the Robin Williams (he's also in the movie) thing where he splashes water on himself. Live on Broadway is it called? I don't know. It […]

Question: If you could communicate with any type of animal, what would it be? My Answer: I first wanted to say "humans." But it didn't ask "communicate perfectly," and I can already just "communicate," so I'm going to have to go with dogs. Though come to think of it, I already communicate with dogs, too. […]

Bored for 5 Minutes?

Whenever I'm bored for five minutes I pop in on #macdev. PfhorSlayer1 has uncompressed Halo's .map data. mikeash: o no! mikeash flees in abject horror PfhorSlayer1 is professor chaos! PfhorSlaye: B-bow before Professor Chaos! Mwhah! mikeash: Professor Chaos, what a lame name mikeash: even lamer than Dr. Evil iacas: why was it compressed? mikeash: because […]

iChat Aways

I'm rarely on iChat, but when I am, I like to look at my friend's away messages: It's funny what you can tell about a person by their away message, or at least the mood they're in at the time. Some are boring, some are cute, some are an inside joke.

Adam's post on the glass ceiling of a college degree prompted me to think of why I finished my degree1. College served a few purposes for me that I couldn't have gotten any other way: Helped me mature as a person. Never again in your life are you forced to deal with situations that arise […]


I want to move to Okinawa. Says my friend Heinrich: It's gorgeous! The water is crystal clear… The beachas are clean, the people are nice, and there is no crime. Ahhh, but he also says they need Japan, even though they're trying to secede. They need that yen. I can do my job from anywhere, […]


When I first moved to Florida I worked for a company I'll call "HS." One of the perks of the job was that I could cross a hallway, grab a Coke from a fridge, and drink it. I had to write my company name on a piece of paper, so they could be billed for […]

Look what I've discovered (no, I don't think I'm the first by a long shot). Cover art appears in the iTunes visualizer next to the track name, artist, and CD. Nifty neat-o! I'm going through the process, as I re-encode my CDs into 192 AAC, of grabbing CD cover art off of (now part […]

Wal-Mart sucks for music. I went to two Wal-Marts today, one of them a not-so-"Super Wal-Mart," and neither had either of the CDs I was looking for: Bend it Like Beckham soundtrack R.E.M.'s Green I've been trying to track down BiLB for quite some time now. My copy of Green on the other hand looks […]

Andy and I are working hard on PulpFiction today. Our next challenge was in presenting a list of folders in an outline view. The folders are stored in a database, and so when Cocoa calls this method, we need to have an answer ready: - (id)outlineView:(NSOutlineView *)outlineView child:(int)index ofItem:(id)item There's no guarantee that it'll query […]


I've tried to resist the urge to comment on how funny the whole "crashes IE" thing is, but as Mark points out, the bug affects everything that uses the IE renderer. That includes email clients and whatnot. The bug? <html> <form> <input type> </form> </html> In other words, an input with a type and no […]

Thanks to Arcterex for scanning in an image from a newspaper, here I give you 10 Tidbits About Sneaky Rob. In no particular order… Rob scored a 1420 on his SAT. He's a smart cookie. Rob graduated from the honors program at SUNY Oswego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcasting, and he received […]

Andy and I had an interesting discussion today regarding an app we're working on called PulpFiction1. I really like how I can be with Andy in discussion: somewhat abrasive and very forceful. When he gives the right answer, or says the thing that convinces me of his idea, then I immediately say "good, let's do […]


I have nothing to say about this. It is its own joke, I imagine.

Personal Blogging

It's been requested of me, and I will comply immediately, that I limit my commentary on Apple-related items. It's only fair - things I say could be misconstrued or taken out of context, and in the end, may in some small way harm a company I love dearly. As such, I have no issue or […]