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Archive for May, 2003

OneWord: Feature

It's a feature, not a bug they cry. I wonder what features that iLoo thing from a few days ago has. Blue screens of death scare the crap out of you? Good thing you're sitting on a toilet already. It's funny how I see the word "feature" and immediately think of software. Feaure events, features […]

QotD: Richard Nixon

Question: If you could have asked Richard Nixon one thing, what would it be? My Answer: I would ask him what the best thing about being the President of the United States was. I can imagine many of the downsides. What I think is interesting is what motivates people to go after the job in […]

Common Folk: Me Too

Jamie takes issue with my off-the-cuff entry about the differences between "common folk" (I'm going to continue to put those words in quotes) and "computer folk" (those too). I disagree with a bit of what she's said, and given that she and I had discussed the entry in person, am a bit surprised she's so […]

HipTop Desktop Sync

I noticed while filling out this HipTop desktop syncing software survey (go fill it out if you've got a HipTop, err, SideKick!) that I had to choose the "25-34" popup for "Age." Bummer. The "Web Desktop" thing is crap. So said I. Go fill out the survey, even if you haven't got a HipTop, because […]

I tried to install Gimp today. I installed Apple's X11 (beta 3), I downloaded GIMP. Then I downloaded gtk. Then I downloaded pango. Then I downloaded glib. Then I tried to ./configure everything. Then I downloaded some pkg-manager or something. I tried to ./configure and ./make it. Twenty minutes later I gave up. This wouldn't […]

A short while back I wrote about the impact of free developer tools. Lately, however, I've been itching to spend $250 or so on a truly professional IDE. One that doesn't quit as often as Project Builder likes to quit because CVS updated a file it had open (or whatever causes it to tank). Itching! […]

Company Policy

I saw this somewhere, and I've had it for awhile. Where better to archive it than my blog? Cuz currently it's a text clipping floating around my hard disk. It starts with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage hangs a banana on a string with a set of stairs under it. Before long, […]


I'm doing some work with SQLDatabase from Blackhole Media, which interfaces with the lovely SQLite embeddable database. Everything so far is working quite well - it's been compiled with UTF-8 support, and so on. However, I'm continually frustrated with the CLI tool. It is the most rudimentary thing I've seen, and it's quite annoying. This […]

QotD: Platonic Marriage

Question: If you had to marry someone you know un-romantically, and spend the rest of your life as their spouse, who would you choose? My Answer: Naked Weekend Crystal. That one was easy. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Not to start a holy war, but I came face to face with one of those little things about which some people get pretty uptight. While looking through the CURLHandle example, I found that Dan Wood had implemented his setter accessor method in this way: - (void)setThing:(id)newThing { [newThing retain]; [thing release]; thing = newThing; […]

The Common Folk

I recently joined a mailing list for Aztek owners. It was my first "non-computer" (i.e. not cocoa-dev or macosx-admin or ui-development) in awhile. As the messages began to roll in, one thought struck me: "Regular people are stupid." That was the thought, and I'm just being honest in writing it. It's since changed to "Regular […]

The SARS Genome

Saw an entry on Core/Dump today with the SARS genome. I copied it here, but I encourage you to click his link and pay him a visit. I'm archiving it here for my own amusement.

OneWord: Bowl

Bowls are for soup and also bowl cuts. Nobody gets bowl cuts anymore. I think much faster than I type so even though I only have sixty seconds I'm on about three minutes of typing already in my head and it's only been fifteen seconds or so. But I keep typing, trying to catch up, […]

Asking Questions

One of my sig files says "there are no such things as stupid questions, only stupid people who ask questions." Though I don't find that to be true (not all the time, anyway), it is fairly humorous. However, I have noticed that people like to ask questions, and that's a good thing. That people are […]

Great Artists… Copy?

I'm working on a sub-site for a client, and after delivering a design that matches his (upcoming) site, he sent me a URL to another site and basically said "copy that." Ugh. I'm fine with it. It's his site. The time I spend waffling on designs I don't bill for anyway, so this will save […]