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Archive for October, 2004

Party Time

And this is just the cheap stuff.


There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Or is that the wrong movie?


Red is pretty easy on the eyes at night. And yes, I got gas shortly after taking this photo.

Ice Castle 4

This is the kind of weather I'll be seeing soon. My father took this picture, but it's in my iPhoto library!

Low Sprinkler

I strapped my camera to an ant and took pictures via remote control. Uh huh.

Mmmm, Chrome

And a whopping 11 MPG to boot!

Morning Sunlight

My building in Florida was the typical Florida-type apartment. Sometimes it could actually look good, though!

Design Done

I may have some tweaks here and there, but largely the redesign is done. What do you like? What do you hate? What would you change?

QotD: Halloween

Question: At what age did you stop trick-or-treating? My Answer: My last time trick-or-treating for myself was age 12. After that, I took over handing out the candy to those who came by the house, giving my mom a break. I remember, at 15 and 16, being embarrassed when someone my age would come to […]

Design Changes

The site's going to be a mess for a day or two. The main page is mostly done (much tweaking to be done), but the individual archives and whatnot are going to be unstyled (or, rather, improperly styled). I tried to get away from having a sidebar, but you simply can't read content that's 800 […]

QotD: Stacks and Queues

Question: From Jeremy comes this: is your email a stack or a queue? In other words, do you have new messages at the top or the bottom? My Answer: My newest messages are at the top. If something requires a reply, I hit reply and save as a draft (or write the reply and send […]

Utopia Font

I'm considering using "Utopia" in my new blog's design, but am not sure where the font comes from. Any ideas? It appears to be an Adobe font. I'll research it more after I work on the design more here in Photoshop, but I thought someone might have the answer before I get around to it.

Politics are Over

I'm sick enough of politics at this point that there simply won't be any more political posts on my blog for quite awhile. Questions asked of me about my vote (against Kerry) will be ignored and possibly deleted given their lame-duck status post-this-post. I've talked with a few people older than me this week who […]


Sometimes I revert to "college guy" mentality. 🙂 I still have no idea why I'd want to use Shared bookmarks? Uhm, okay. I already have bookmarks in Safari, and they're synced with .Mac. Why would anyone else care what I'm bookmarking? No idea.

Getting the Web

It occurred to me today that there are some people that still don't quite "get" the Web. They don't understand that people use the Web for information. They don't understand that people feel more confident making a choice about something if they can type in "" or something and see pictures before they go. Today, […]