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Archive for September, 2007

WordPress Category Parents

Imagine I have a blog which has nested categories. Category "C" is a child of category "B," which is itself a child of category "A." I can draw this up as A > B > C > D. I'd like to get the category ID for the original parent ("A" in this case), yet WordPress […]

Easy Money

The Steelers are a 4½-point favorite over the Browns. Go with the Steelers to cover. Easy money. Update 09/09: Toldja.

What I May Do with my Free $100

I've been considering what to do with my "free" $100 from Apple. My list thus far: Renew my .Mac subscription. Get that Apple Bluetooth headset thingy. Get $100 in iTMS gift certificates Put it towards a new laptop to replace the aging 12" PowerBook. Sell it to someone for $95. Get an iPod Shuffle or […]

Apple’s iPhone PR Blunder

Though I'm not personally terribly upset at Apple, I called to see about getting a small refund for my "bad luck" of having bought an iPhone three days before the cutoff. I talked to a woman and her manager, both of whom told me that August 22 (the day I received my iPhone) was the […]

Free (Almost) iPhone Song Ringtones

Relayed to me by a friend, I've verified that this works pretty nicely… Visit the iTunes Music Store. Find a bunch of songs you like and drag them to an "iPhone" playlist. No need to purchase the songs - you're just adding the previews to the playlist. Select the playlist, then export it ("File" -> […]

What’s it Worth to You?

I paid $449 for my iPhone something like 17 days ago. D'oh! I'm just outside of the 14-day (or 10-day) window to get a refund. I don't really care. It's a bit of a bummer that my timing was a tad off, but that's all. The iPhone was worth $449 to me then, and the […]

iPhones $200 Off? Holy Wow!

First off, I bought my iPhone something like 17 days ago, at $449. Now the 8 GB model is $399 without the discount. Wow. Bummer for me. Has Apple ever cut a product's price by 33% just over two months after its introduction? I mean, Wow! And a 160 GB iPod ("Classic") that holds 40,000 […]

Cyndicate 1.0.3 is now available for download from either Cyncial Peak's website or running Cyndicate's updater. As with all our point releases, this is a free update for all Cyndicate users. Fixed a crash that could occur if the feed contains an unknown entity. Fixed editing the feed's url in the subscription managager. Fixed the […]

Bad WPXI, Bad!

The final round of the Deutsche Bank Championship (a PGA Tour event) is being played today. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson play in the penultimate group and NBC is providing coverage at 2pm… except on WPXI out of Pittsburgh. Yesterday, a chiron ticker informed viewers that they should check channels 3, 11, 14, or 21 […]

Stolen iPod Content?

NBC, in their counter-counter-press-release on the $4.99 iTunes videos, has again alleged that most content on iPods is stolen1. It's an offensive claim first made, I believe, by Microsoft. None of the content on my iPods is stolen. None. So, here's the question to you all: What percentage of content (by count) on your iPod […]

So Where are the iPhone Unlocks?

IIRC, two iPhone software unlocks were supposed to be available today (and I'm not counting that one). was one, but they've yet to release anything. The other was likely a hoax and/or virus. I'm getting bored here, people! I can only look at Mac 128k manuals for so long.