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Archive for September, 2007

Steelers Lose to Cardinals

Bruce Arians had a very bad gameplan (very little play action, too much of the old "run-run-pass" offense). The offensive line had a horrible game. And key penalties (one leading to the TD return) and mistakes (Ben's INT from the two yard line) cost the Steelers the game. Even still, I like everything both Ben […]

Went to Bedford Springs

Today I played golf at the Bedford Springs. I'll have a review of it online at The Sand Trap within about a month.

Self-Made iPhone Ringtones

So Apple has this pretty awesome way to create your own little jingles and things. It's called Garage Band. And Apple has this nifty little phone that can play little jingles and things. It's called the iPhone. But there's no way to get something from the first thing onto the second thing. None at all.

iPhone 1.1.1 and Whatnots

The iPhone 1.1.1 update apparently modifies your IMEI number to a standard testing number, which means unlocked iPhones won't recognize even the original AT&T SIM card. Unlocking an iPhone is not like putting an after-market stereo in your car or painting it, then having the brakes fail. It's more like adding a NOS system, then […]

Amazon MP3 – Wow?!?

And here I thought I was just about done with MP3. Then, along comes Amazon MP3, written up by John Gruber not once but twice. I will certainly be checking Amazon before the iTMS store now. 256 kpbs MP3s probably sound about the same as 192 kpbs AAC, but the prices seem better and the […]

Mac News Junkie Bundle Now Available

Two great applications - EagleFiler and Cyndicate - are being offered this week for a combined "bundle" price of $55. Cyndicate, of course, I've written about before. I continue to believe it's the best feed reader/aggregator on the market today and one of its killer features - ratings - was developed with help from EagleFiler's […]

Fall TV 2K7

What shows - new or old - will you be tuning in to this fall? I plan to give Chuck, Journeyman, and a few others a shot. I don't know if I'll bother to watch Heroes - I may record it and watch it if I have the time, but not otherwise. And I will […]

WordPress 2.3 Compatibility

This blog is now running WordPress 2.3. So far, everything seems to be running smoothly, even with the massive number of plugins I use. My two plugins also seem to work. There are still two hacks I still have to make to the code: one adjusts the kses properties and the other "fixes" the uploading […]

iPhone Should Sync Wirelessly

Why in the heck can't my iPhone sync some things - contacts and calendars primary among them - wirelessly? Why must I remember to sync something to my iPhone when my normal use doesn't necessarily include docking every day? My computer sits on a wireless network. My iPhone uses the same network. Why do I […]


According to iDefrag, my main disk has about 0.2%/0.5% fragmentation ((Which, by the way, is 4,000+ files.)). Big whoop. My Catalog has six fragments. Again, big whoop. Mac OS X has had, for awhile now, "built-in defragmentation." Something like any file under 20 MB is automatically defragmented when it's touched by the system - to […]

Studying and Game Consoles

From Buzz Out Loud #564: First-year students whose roommates brought a video game player to college studied 40 minutes less each day on average, which translated in first-semester grades which were 0.241 points lower on the 4.0 grade scale. I still swear five of us my third year on campus could have probably gone pro […]

DirecTV was supposed to launch 30 new HD channels today (which I was hoping would include Golf Channel HD), simulcast on the same channels as the regular SD broadcasts. Our entertainment needs are pretty simple: I have my old TiVo as a backup in the bedroom (hooked to a tiny 19" TV that's so old […]

Arrrrgh! Me mateys tell me DirecTV is supposed to launch 30+ new HD channels today, but avast, I've not yet seen the proof. Ahoy!

Making Prime Rib at Home

I'm on a mission: I'd like to discover how to make a good prime rib at home. I'll begin with a Google search, but if you've got any tips, share them in the comments. It looks simple enough.

Registering the Kayaks

A woman from the PA Fish and Boat Commission called me Friday regarding my two applications for kayak registration. You know, the kayaks (here and here) that I bought in Florida while I was living in Florida. She told me that because the boats were relatively new (March, 2004 being the newer of the two), […]