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Archive for November, 2007

My iPhone has been restored and is now set up with AT&T. I've verified that the EDGA data works (it's not too bad), and that everything is properly set up. Tomorrow I'll call CellularOne to make sure they know we've "switched" ((In quotes because CellularOne == AT&T at this point.)). I don't plan to do […]

Book Treatment

John Gruber's essay on Amazon's Kindle contained this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: If you would know how a man treats his wife and his children, see how he treats his books. I've always been appalled at how people treat books. I go out of my way to choose thin bookmarks that don't damage books. […]


Torero's recently opened up in Erie behind Damon's on Peach Street (in the old Fazoli's). Carey and I have gone a number of times and really dig it. Torero's is authentic Mexican food. If Taco Bell is your idea of Mexican, you'll want to either stay away or prepare to have your eyes opened. It's […]

All males older than 18 with any combination of three working arms and legs should apply. Crutches count. Apply at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA first thing Monday morning. P.S. Players who do not meet the above qualifications may still apply for the position of offensive coordinator.

Roller Skating

Evan's Skate Land West is apparently up for sale. If I could round up $10k I'd make an offer. The carpeting in there (including the shag carpet on the bathroom walls) hasn't been replaced (or cleaned) since about 1973. And I know everyone goes to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, but why?

CellularOne/AT&T Update

The manager of a local CellularOne office today told me a few interesting things: The merger officially "closed" (went through, finished, completed) yesterday. As soon as early December, CellularOne here will be running two systems - AT&T's and theirs, I assume - and should be able to set up iPhone accounts. I can "switch" now, […]

Quay Fixes Leopard’s Dock Stacks

For those who don't like the Dock in 10.x, check out Quay. It's a simple "configurator" application that creates special "documents" that run in Mac OS X 10.5's dock. When clicked, they exhibit traditional (i.e. "sane" or "pre-Leopard") behavior. Currently it's at 1.0b4, but I expect a release fairly soon.

I had a gift card for Circuit City, so ever since a few days ago I've been playing around with a Garmin Nüvi 200W GPS. Three of the first four locations I tried to find in Erie weren't listed in the mapping software - including the Circuit City where I bought the darn thing. Being […]

Wear a Watch?

I used to wear a watch all the time in college, but ever since then, I've not worn a watch anywhere. If I really need to look at the time, I check my phone. When I'm working, a watch would just get in the way… and duplicate the one at the top of my computer […]

The Nerd/Geek Handbook

I've passed this article along to my wife (as have thousands of others). Here's to hoping she actually reads it. One of the biggest problems I continually face online is that I prefer to communicate "briskly." I view small talk as even more pointless when it occurs online, and I'm not a fan at all […]

DirecTV Now On Demand

A few weeks ago (I think), I noticed a new menu item in my DVR: "On Demand." My HR-20 HD DVR (from DirecTV) has always worked pretty well, so I haven't visited since shortly after getting the HR-20 (and comparing it to my TiVo). I'm not sure how long VOD has been available, but […]

Got a New A/V Receiver

Over six years ago, when I purchased ((On Microsoft's dime.)) my first home audio setup from a Best Buy in Boca Raton, my needs were fairly simple: an optical port or two for a PS2 and a DVD player were all I needed, and something that could do surround sound. Six years, a few moves, […]

TomToms and GPS Navigation

On my recent trip to North Carolina, a playing partner had a little portable TomTom. He'd snagged it off of woot one day for $180 - a pretty good deal. I see at the TomTom site there are several models available for use in cars. The TomTom site is a little dense. The $249 has […]

I made an off-hand remark at the end of a recent post about Al Gore stopping by with a "low-energy [dimming] bulb" which I claimed had not yet been invented. Someone quickly pointed out in the comments that compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs can now do dimming… if you find the proper ones. I've spent awhile […]

A Mouse Quandary

I currently have a Logitech MX-1000 mouse. It's a wireless laser mouse with, by my count, five buttons and a scroll wheel that can be pushed left, right, down (clicked), or scrolled up and down. That's approximately seven or eight "buttons" plus scroll wheel functionality. The problem with this mouse is the same as the […]