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Safe Driving in the Snow

What not to do:

I still haven't listened to the Talk Show since they left 5by5, but this snippet from the post announcing one of the episodes caught my attention: "Tell me something weird about the people in Erie." "Well, first of all, I think the whole place is made of cigarettes."

Jury Duty Again

So I've got jury duty again. Fortunately, I was #4138 or something and they only needed jurors 4000 to 4110. Woo! We had a golf school I didn't want to miss, and fortunately, now I won't.

Scallops in Erie, PA

I'd like to start making scallops at home. Where should I buy them in little ol' Erie, PA? Also, any great recipes for cajun style scallops? Broiled ones are here with a lot of other recipes here… but none say "blackened" or "cajun" in the title.

Pierogies, Mmmmm

I've got a "pierogie hookup" that I've yet to use. Apparently, in Erie, there's an older woman who makes and sells pierogies to a few of the local restaurants, but will also sell batches of them to individuals. I've got her name, her number, and a friend who can act as a reference. I'm also, […]

Chipotle Opens in a Month

Chipotle will open here in Erie in about a month. I've been to exactly one Chipotle in my lifetime - in Columbus, OH - and the experience was one I've remembered. My memories are that the burrito that I got was quite large, despite not caring for many vegetables or sauces. I prefer rice, beans, […]

Summer 2010

Lest it go unsaid, this summer has been the exact opposite of last year: it's warm, dry, and fairly quiet as far as wind goes. Last year was cold, rainy, and windy. This year, every day is a golf day, and the biggest problem is simply that everyone realizes it and you can't get a […]

Ravine Flyer II

I haven't been on it yet, but this looks fun. Too bad Waldameer is closed for the season soon.

Five Guys to Erie

Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) is apparently coming to Erie. Along with Chipotle, yippeee!!!! The food options in Erie were just upgraded about 2000%.

The Maple Syrup Farm

Today Carey and I took the kiddo to a local maple sugar farm to check things out, buy some sweet stuff, and learn a little bit. We learned very little, bought $18 in products, and came home fairly disappointed. Carey and I learned more using our iPhones than we did in the half-hour presentation we […]

Warm Weather

Warm weather has finally arrived, and it's predicted to stay in the high 40s or low to mid 50s for the next eight or nine days, so maybe - maybe (and knock on wood) - we won't get that late snowstorm that just keeps everything soggy and cold for a long time. This winter's been […]

Civic Duty for $9 Per Day

Yesterday afternoon I called in, at 4:30 as directed, and listened to the message. My heart sank jut a little: the number printed on my jury summons was well within the range that was obligated to report the following day. I reported at 8:30 with a copy of The Lost Symbol on my Kindle and […]

Whispering Woods Clubhouse Plans

The clubhouse at Whispering Woods is in what might be called "rough blueprint" stage. It's sketched up, and by an architect, but things are still very much at play and there are a bunch of things to shift around. The clubhouse will be 6500 square feet or so and will have a smallish Pro Shop, […]

7.5 Inches of Rain

We got about 7.5 inches of overnight. The power was out most of the day (from 3am until about 5:30pm). Things are SOAKED. I'm not sure I've ever seen so much rain in one day. It's like half of Lake Erie decided to make a quick round trip to the sky and then back to […]

Cold Weather

I live in Erie, PA so I'm fairly used to cold weather. -7, though, is rare even here in Erie. Photo taken on the iPhone while driving to the DMV. Got my (re)new(ed) license today.