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Tempur-Pedic Remote Fried

Well, the wife washed the Tempur-Pedic remote accidentally, a few weeks ago, and now the bed is acting pretty wonky. Fortunately, whatever company originally made the "Orthomatic" base that we have was later bought by Leggett & Platt, and their warranty service is pretty good for a bed that was apparently manufactured 12/19/2000. For $120.72 […]

Good Set of Kitchen Knives

I'd like to get a good set of kitchen knives. The $50 set I have had for nearly 15 years is starting to show its age. I'd like: Six to eight steak knives. A paring knife. A bread knife. A chef's or carving knife (for quartering chickens). A sharpening or honing blade. A pair of […]

Casper Mattress

Casper — The Mattress Reimagined may be something to look into when my TempurPedic no longer works. Though, honestly, I wouldn't even consider it without the 100-night free trial. I looooooooove my TempurPedic. P.S. I love that my TempurPedic is adjustable, too. That may be a deal breaker on the Casper.

Candle Toppers Work

Sick of having your Yankee Candles burn out in the middle leaving walls of wax along the sides? The overpriced candle toppers (you can find them for about $8 if you look long enough) work wonders: And I care so little about this I'm not going to resize or rotate. 🙂

Redone Office Layout

A bit cleaner too… And it only took me seven hours! 🙂 Primarily, this will let me use the computer with the windows open because it won't have so much glare.

My Drill and Impact Driver

Picked this up a few months ago but never noted it: the DEWALT DCK280C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion 1.5 Ah Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit. Eventually maybe I'll end up getting some extra batteries, but honestly I don't use this type of stuff often enough to worry about it.

Well, that didn't take long. True to form, once I began investigating water softeners, I spent a LOT of time researching, obsessing, and becoming as knowledgeable as I could. In the end, after speaking with Bill Cook at CAI Technologies, I have decided to buy a water softener myself and have it installed by a […]

For years our dishes have been slowly getting cloudy, our shower heads have been getting deposits on them, and we haven't gotten a good lather from shampoos or soaps. Suffice to say we're looking into a water softener. Going rates seem to be about $2200 installed, and $15 every two months or so for salts. […]

Replacing the Silverware

When I lived on my own in Florida, I bought a set of silverware that I really, really liked, primarily because it was the heaviest silverware I could find. The forks have only three tines, too, which I like. I still have the silverware, a decade later, but an unusually high number of the regular […]

Is this the gold standard for do-it-yourself fried chicken? I may have to try this sometime…


So we're looking at getting a new roof installed. Any tips on how to suss out a good roofer?

When the plumber came and started the installation of our three new toilets, he left three quarter turn valves from Hodes Co with me to install later on. I got brave, read up quickly on how to install compression fittings ((They seem like they could just slide right off the darn pipes! But they don't, […]

Ceiling Leak and New Toilets

Earlier this year Carey noticed a little spot on our ceiling in our living room. I investigated and couldn't find much of anything - perhaps the stain had always been there and we'd just not really noticed? At Christmas the stain was a little worse, and so with the help of Rich and Stan we […]

Wife’s New CR-V

So despite what some people seemed to think based on this post :-), the Honda CR-V was the clear-cut winner. The main reason? We prefer to keep our cars for about eight years, and in eight years someone who lives in our house will be 16, so we bought her a car too. The Kia […]

Redone Bedroom

The bedroom for a certain seven year-old is now done. This is the bedroom in which we put real wood floors and, well, lots of other stuff. The idea was largely Carey's, but I contributed a fair amount as did "DD" in the language of online moms. The entire room was based on a bed […]