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Archive for March, 2008

If you're into college basketball (no, and no for me personally) as well as some great Mac software (yes, duh!), then you might be interested in entering Cynical Peak's March Madness contest. As for my entry, uhh, just give me the top seeds in every game with a few 13-over-5 type upsets. 🙂

I Am Legend?

I usually agree with Rotten Tomatoes. I Am Legend got a 68%. Perhaps their math library's not working and the decimal was misplaced, because that's all I can figure. The plot was horrible, disconnected, and incoherent (I'd list examples, but every time I think about it I come up with several new ones, so I'm […]

A few days ago I picked up my Airport International v2.0 from Think Tank. It's a medium-sized roller-case that meets international standards for carry-on luggage. I needed a bag that would carry the 300/2.8, the rest of my gear, and a few other things.

Nice Parking

This car remained parked in the same location for nearly an hour. Behind it, an empty driveway. Further behind it, 200 feet of treelawn (and no intersections).

Rumors have been floating around for over a year re: the Canon 5D Mark II (see also: Canon 3D, 6D, and 7D). Earlier today, MacNN's generic electronics site and Gizmodo both published specs of the "forthcoming" Canon 5D Mark II. The source? Some bozo without a source or a real name on DP Review's forums. […]

I read the Strobist review. I read the reviews at Originally I tried to buy the book at Barnes and Noble. They had one in stock. For $54.99. Same at Borders. Sorry, but there are very few books (paperback no less) worth more than $50. sells it for $35. The book - via […]

The Amazing Human Eye

You know, one of the most amazing things I've discovered about photography is just how amazing our eyes are. They auto-adjust for white balance, saturation, focus, and the amount of light available. The last constantly amazes me any time I try to take a shot indoors. At f/2 to f/4, and ISO 1600, I'm often […]


Handy javascript bookmarklet that shows only the image at flickr: It's free. BTW #1: Except for sports photographers who need the raw speed of JPEG (file writing), I have a hard time understanding why anyone would shoot JPEG over RAW when given the choice. BTW #2: Lighting indoors can sometimes be awful. I'm constantly […]

This summarizes my iPhone SDK experience: In other words, after installing the iPhone SDK, I experienced massive screen artifacts. Behind the mess on-screen here is Safari. I used Time Machine to restore my /System/Library/Extensions folder (the iPhone SDK installs several kexts), rebooted, and all is well. I doubt I'll be doing much iPhone development anyway […]

I have only one iPhone SDK question: Is it possible and/or easy to synchronize data with desktop computers? I ask because the first application we intend to make for the iPhone is an add-on for Scorecard. It will allow users to enter their stats on the golf course, then ideally to "synchronize" them with the […]

Brad, on his personal blog, is posting a few Cyndicate tips. The first article deals with granularity (i.e. "articles" are better than "feeds") while the second deals with organization. NewsFire went free this week, which is fine. It's a fine app if you subscribe to a few items. We believe Cyndicate still has its place […]

Mike Johnston writes in a brief essay about over-saturation of digital images: Why is inaccuracy in color rendering simply a given, while a little blurring of fine detail resolution or a touch of noise in the shadows are so adamantly not tolerated? It's widely accepted that we can adjust the white balance of an image. […]

Aside from Aperture 2's new Recovery and Black Point tools, the tool that's impressed me the most has been the Retouch Brush. I had a love/hate relationship with the "Spot and Patch" tool in Aperture 1.0, if by "love" you mean hate and by "hate" you mean hate. The Retouch Brush, on the other hand, […]

After updating to Mac OS X 10.5.2, my AirPort connection started dropping several times per day. I resolved the issue by changing the channel from 6 to 1, despite not having any interference or even any other networks nearby (as reported by iStumbler). This was when I had an old, domed AirPort Extreme that did […]

Screen Sharing Forever!

When you screen share a machine that's screen sharing you…