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Archive for March, 2008

I received my 1 TB Time Capsule today and, pursuant to the comments on my earlier entry, I'm hoping to get some help in setting up my new network. For the past several years I've run an 802.11g network named "Netski." I have a domed AirPort Express ("Dome") that has served as a printer share […]

To the right, you'll see a lovely radio button. I think the designers meant to use a checkbox. There was no other option - no "I do NOT want to receive" option, and no way to disable or deselect the choice. Lurvely. I was going to drive to Cleveland today to pick up a Think […]

Levels vs. Curves

I often see people trash Aperture's "Levels" adjustment tool. These people typically state that Apple should have borrowed, bought, stolen, or otherwise implemented the "Curves" control from Photoshop as if it's a given and anything less is just plain stupid. Moronic. Inconceivable. I grew up using Curves. We all did, didn't we? I've come to […]

MacBook Pro Has Arrived

My new MacBook Pro arrived today. The FedEx guy first "attempted to deliver" it at 8:21am. By "attempted to deliver" I of course mean he walked up, didn't ring the doorbell, and stuck what was probably a pre-written "we attempted a delivery" note ((I was awake and reading downstairs, because I noticed that the package […]

No, I still haven't used the 300/2.8. We've had lousy weather and I haven't gotten out to use it yet. I've added a Photo Gear section to this site. Big whoop. I've signed up for the April 7 "Captivated by the Light" seminar in Buffalo, NY. It's only $19 if you use the coupon code […]

photophlow (and Photonic)

Today I spent a little time playing with a new site that integrates with flickr. It's called "photophlow, and the owner describes the site as: photophlow is a way to share flickr photos in real-time with your friends, and is a good way to discover new photos in a social way or receive more immediate […]