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Archive for March, 2008

In two words: not good. My first attempt to back up my MacBook pro (~115 GB of data) failed for some unknown reason about 30 GB in. My second backup attempt failed much more quickly and for unknown reasons. My third attempt progressed at a rate of about 1.5 GB/hour (on an 802.11N network) - […]

Today the Pittsburgh Penguins won (over the Rangers) 3-1 to step to the top of the Eastern conference. Woo! Today the Penguins of Erie's D League fell to a third-period comeback by the Blades, losing 2-1. The Blades, who began the season 1-11, are now playing in the championship game and will finish the season […]

Aperture 2.1 was released with a sample plugin. I guess that may partly answer this question. I haven't checked yet, but I believe the plugin architecture is still not non-destructive. WordPress 2.5 was released. I'll be installing this very soon here on this blog, then on The Sand Trap, and then on some others. Cyndicate […]



Traveling to North Carolina

I'm on my way to North Carolina today to visit a friend, play some golf, take some photographs, and relax a little. Update: Pfffft. The weather Friday was fine, but the other days we didn't even play golf. 40°! I could get that in Erie. Or warmer.

C’mon Spring

Spring is late in coming this year. I've played golf in March before… this year it's looking mid-April will be the earliest I'll really get out.

It's been nearly 50 days since Aperture 2.0 was released, yet we've still not heard much at all about the "image editing" plug-in capability that the software supposedly supports. Has Apple shared the API with anyone? Are they waiting, iPhone-style, for version 2.1 or something? Is there still a chance that an image editing plugin […]

Buildings Go Down

As impressed as I am with the engineers responsible for erecting buildings, I'm almost more impressed with the engineers in charge of bringing down buildings. Two days ago the old St. Francis hospital in Pittsburgh was imploded so that construction on the new Penguins arena (set to open in, oh, about 47 years) could begin. […]

Age is Just a Number

That being said, I'm 30 today. Technically, I'm not 30 until something like 9pm or so, but that's splitting hairs. I'd love to say I'm in the best shape of my life, but I'm not. Being a geek tends to have that effect. However, I can say that I'm in better shape than most of […]

I paid something like $70 for the HD-DVD player on my Xbox 360. I also got a free King Kong movie and five in the mail. Given the number of HD-DVDs I've rented from Netflix since owning the drive, it was a worthwhile investment. I'm not terribly peeved that Blu-Ray won and I'll probably pick […]

Credit Card Debt

{democracy:34} I haven't had credit card debt since… well, since I paid it off shortly before buying my house. It wasn't even that much back then. Today I heard of someone who has $140,000 of credit card debt. I figure once you hit $60k, the urge to go as high as possible before declaring bankruptcy […]

Photographers as Aggressors

This video is a chilling statement of the times: a man is harassed simply for taking video of people in a public place. The problem appears much worse in the U.K., but I suspect they're simply a few months ahead of the U.S. on their ass-backwards "no cameras/pictures/filming" policy. I've just read a short essay […]

Penguins Without Crosby

This Post-Gazette article points out that the Penguins have a better record without Sidney Crosby in the lineup than with him. Whaaaa??? One paragraph that stood out to me, part of a quote from Brooks Orpik: "That being said, no one wants him out of the lineup. Maybe guys kind of sit back [when Crosby […]

Rivet, Cynical Peak's software for connecting your Mac to your Xbox 360 to stream movies, music, and photos, is coming along well. We have one more beta to release (most likely) and then we'll begin selling it. Cyndicate is going to be bumped to version 1.2 shortly. We've made a dramatic improvement to startup speed […]

Where are My .psd Previews?

I've remained mum about this for the longest time, but I just can't take it anymore. My copy of Photoshop CS3 ((CS2 did this too.)) seems incapable of writing files with a preview embedded in such a way that the Finder, Preview, Safari, etc. can see the darn files. Instead, I just get the message […]