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Archive for August, 2008

iPhone Pic: Man Beneath

Got a Coin from Poland

I just recently purchased a coin from Poland: a 1995 2 Zlote coin. It's a two-tone deal and it'll make a pretty nifty ball maker (when playing golf). The coin came from Uruguay and took almost three weeks to arrive, but I'm happy to have it. 1995 was my best competitive year, and given that […]

iPhone App Updating

I hate, hate, hate that when you update an app on the iPhone, the location (on the screen and within the "pages") isn't preserved. I'm ten times as annoyed by that as the fact that I can't separate items. What If I want two rows, a blank row, and then a fourth row at the […]


Public Service Announcement: If you make a commitment to participate in something that's taken the organizer several months to put together, do not cancel two weeks ahead of time.

Alan and I played Lake View Country Club earlier today. For as great as the conditioning is this year (and it's in incredible shape), the club's financial situation is not so great. Fortunately, a committee has taken some initiative, and though the plan they've proposed isn't for me, I'm hopeful that enough members sign on […]