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Archive for August, 2008

Two Rounds of Golf

I played two rounds of golf the past few days in Columbus, OH while Carey shopped for scrapbooking supplies. After all, we don't have any Hobby Lobby stores near Erie, PA. My scores, as usual, are here and here. Tomorrow, I get to powerwash the deck!

AppleJack 1.5?

I'm holding off for a few days on installing AppleJack 1.5, but it's finally out and it finally supports Leopard.

Red 3K Scarlet

I'll take one, please. The 120 FPS mode will be great for shooting golf swings. Much better than my 320 x 240, 60 FPS Canon SD550 (which, for a still camera, has done a great job). Wonder what the cost will be. Thanks, John.

BBEdit 9

BBEdit is one of my "buy it immediately so long as the upgrade price doesn't shock me" type of products. It's only after I pay that I get around to looking at the list of features.

If you watch any sports shows, you'll hear about this: link 1, link 2, link 3. I support it.

Aperture Sharing with iLife

A few days ago I noticed that Rivet wasn't sharing all of the images in my Aperture library, or even displaying all of the albums with images. I spent a few hours not thinking about the problem, then poked and peeked and looked inside my Aperture Library bundle at the ApertureData.xml file. It was 192 […]

iPhone Pic: Less Then

Aside from the occasional instances of horrible grammar, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 is a joy to play. Very well crafted game. Update: I spotted another typo, but it was on a loading screen (at Cog Hill) and I couldn't snap a pic in time. iPhone "" takes too long to launch, as do I […]

I could have sworn old-school Gatorade didn't have a ton of sugar in it, and I was surprised to find that modern Gatorade - including Tiger Woods' "Tiger" version - is basically water, sugar, dye, and a little flavoring. And worse yet, it's not sugar, but HFCS ((High Fructose Corn Syrup)). Did it change at […]

Samba de Amigo

Samba de Amigo is coming to the Wii, and I'm excited. I owned two full sets of the maracas when the game existed for the Dreamcast ((I had an excuse: I was editor in chief of SegaWeb at the time. But truth be told, I'd have probably owned them anyway.)), and Samba de Amigo is […]

Numbers: One Funny Control

See the two segmented controls in the screenshot of the Numbers inspector? Right there in the "Page Layout" section? SEe 'em? Thing is, they're not segmented controls. At least, they don't act like 'em. They look like 'em, but they don't quack like them, so they're not ducks. Instead of clicking on the left or […]

I won't say what it is, but Brad and I have been working on an iPhone application at the target price of $1.99. It's not Scorecard for the iPhone (that's coming out later), and it's not really much of anything, but we're "testing the waters" of sorts with this app, and for under two bucks, […]

Adopting a Greyhound

So, we're considering adopting a greyhound. It seems it's the only way to get one, after all. Though part of me loved being "in control" from the get-go (or, well, about nine weeks old anyway) with my former canine pal, part of me is looking forward to not having to get up three times per […]

iPhone 3G Setup and Ready

Picked up the iPhone 3G today. Setup was not too bad: I was able to provision the new phone via iTunes and immediately use a backup from my 2G iPhone to restore most my settings, files, apps, etc. Ran into a little trouble since the backup was from a later version of the OS (2.0.2) […]

iPhone Pic: On You Account

Seems I enjoy using my iPhone to take pictures of typos. After all, there's this, this, and now this:

iPhone Pic: Roped Of

I really, really like Whispering Woods, and I'll likely be a member there next year exclusively (instead of being at both Lake View and Whispering Woods), but someone might want to check their spelling before posting signs: