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Archive for August, 2008

Aperture: Export N-Up?

I print a lot of 4x6 images from Aperture. I just crop to the right ratio (2x3 = 4x6), export full size to preserve as much detail as possible, and upload to the Wal-Mart website. An hour later I pick up the 4x6 prints. Today Carey asked me to print four images per 4x6, giving […]

I've written about Torero's before, but let it be known: they don't give you a small amount of food. I'm sure there's a little optical tomfoolery going on here (those are my wife's arms, after all, and not those of a two-foot-tall doll), but I can assure you the plate is a full foot wide, […]

Anyone have a tip on buying a domain that is about to expire? Like, say, September 12th? I know the original owner has a period of time in which they can renew, even after September 12, but I have reason to suspect they won't be doing so, and I'd like to be first in line […]

New Penguins Arena

PhotoCalc for iPhone

I've just purchased PhotoCalc for the iPhone. It's $2.99 and it does a number of things handy for photographers, including: Depth of Field and Hyper-focal Distance calculator Sunrise/sunset/solar noon calculator Reference section with glossary, and reference documents Configurable to use half or third stops Comprehensive camera database for Depth of Field calculations Should be well […]

My Drobo 2.0 Experience

After a several-week delay, I finally received the Drobo 2 (Firewire 800) I'd ordered yesterday. I've yet to turn it on (and will update this post when I do) because I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening copying data: From my old main hard drive ("Peter") to a new 1 TB drive (~380 GB). […]

Rivet, Cynical Peak's software for sharing movies, music, and photos from your Mac to your Xbox 360, is now available as version 1.2. This is a bug fix and feature addition release: Added support for Aperture. Fixed the silent quit issue. Fixed an issue with parsing iTunes libraries. Fixed an possible exception when parsing media. […]

Ordered an iPhone 3G Today

In white. It should be here in about 10 days (to the AT&T store, that is). When I get it, I'll put it on my line, give my wife the old iPhone, and hopefully everything will "sync" properly and register itself properly when I get back home to set it up on iTunes. iPhone AppleCare? […]

iPhone Pic: Nice Parking Job

I was quite pleased to get the first slot next to the exit at the Cincinnati Zoo. Unfortunately, when we came out, we found another car parked next to us in what is clearly not a parking space. We had almost no room to even get into the car let alone to load our stroller […]

You know, it's pretty lousy when you get to ride about ten kiddie rides in eight hours at an amusement park for the low, low price of about $100. How about discounted rates based on height? How about "parent tickets" that account for the height of your kid and correspondingly restrict you to riding only […]

iPhone Pic: Spell Much?

Extravoganza! Quantaties limited! Get yours today! Ugh.

iPhone Pic: WebKinz

WebKinz: the Beanie Baby of 2008. Collect them all! Spend hours online "playing" with them!

iPhone Pic: Brick Heart

iPhone Pic: Sunset

Looked a lot cooler in person. 🙂